Friday, December 2, 2016

SLINKEE MINX-Electric Dreams (2007)


Heaven is a place on earth! Somehow, the title to the very memorable Belinda Carlisle hit seemed like a fitting way to start off this particular post. That's because my first ever listening of "Electric Dreams", the first and only album released by Australian dance trio that called itself SLINKEE MINX—what a cool name!—truly does feel like heaven on this earth! Even more so for me, because the one song that these ladies are known for happens to be a remake of another memorable and favorite Belinda Carlisle hit:"Summer Rain". My feelings about cover songs never changes; the instant that I realize that an artist has created a dance cover of a memorable or favorite song from the 80's, it gets my total attention, and my mind cannot rest until I've gotten the album from which that dance remake came! Fortunately, I managed to remain well-rested, as the waiting period between me catching wind of SKLINKEE MINX and getting a chance to hear them performing "Summer Rain" on this debut album was amazingly less than a week! I remember having always wanted to hear some kind of a glitzy techno or trance remix of "Summer Rain" ever since I heard Belinda's beauty of an original years ago; "Electric Drams" has made that dream come true! Turns out that everything I know and love about this song of romantic reflection—the bittersweet lyrics about waiting for the train and the last time she saw her baby; that great hook of a main chorus that I love singing along to (' oh my love it's you that I dream of, oh my love, since that day... '); that chilled, haunting instrumental break after the main chorus with Belinda's breathy vocals playfully teasing the ears—remains here in all of its original summery glory..... Well, except for those same breathy vocal teasing and that same haunting instrumental break reappearing again in the song's fading movement at the end, but my dream is still complete nonetheless! Of course, you know I've already have gotten super-addicted to it, and fueling that addiction further is the pair of 6+ minute club remixes on this album's second CD! What more could I ask for? extended club remix of "U Could Be", perhaps? This bonus cut, also found on the second CD, is a super addiction as well and stands as my #2 behind "Summer Rain". Fell in love with the smooth, ultra-groovy rhythm and the chords and the happy melody and just the overall feeling of prospective love. I've played this one at least a half-dozen times ("Summer Rain currently is running away with the replays at about nine or ten!), but it's probably been more times than that! The simple theme of one man who could be 'the one'—all that she needs, all that she adores—makes the music so easy to get into, with the best part coming when the once-subtle disco rhythm becomes more prominent in the closing movements in sync with the accompanying saxophone. Something that I didn't even ask for, but became the source of my latest 'Music Surprise of The Day': a SLINKEE MINX remake of the George Michael classic, "Careless Whisper". It too is found on the second CD, and the super-charged trance production actually re-fulfills a former 'electric dream' I had of having wanted to hear a techno/trance remix of it a long time ago as well! Kinda seems like that I spent the majority of my listening time on CD #2, doesn't it? In total, you'll need well over an hour to indulge in every one of the eleven tracks on it. Though the forty-eight minutes of music featured on CD #1 are just as entertaining, if not more. Once you've dried off after the glorious downpours of "Summer Rain", you'll get drenched again when immerse yourself in the floor-filler jams specifically designed to get the body moving and the high-energy juices flowing: "Way Of Life", "Closer" (quite the mega-groovy disco explosion this one is!), "Dance Everybody", plus the second CD's 7+ thriller, "Feel The Vibe". Then there are the SLINKEE MINX jams that touched me in a special way, perhaps because of the sad overtones of both the lyrics and the chords: "Falling Free", a song of inner release an letting go of the love once had; "Hold Me", a plea to hang on to that love and lever let it go; and both Part 1 and Part 2 "Someday", where the ladies aspire and hope about finding love again in the future (the sunny nature Part 2 makes it the better of the pair; I like the way the song cuts off at the end and leaving your music senses adrift, as if to say that love is 'to be continued...'). "Nu Love" could be placed in that same category, but instead of sadness, there is an overall aura of soothing and comfort, as that's the feeling to be expected whenever a new love enters one's life. And then the ones that are purely fun and too catchy not to get hooked on: "Every Little Thing", "You Turn Me On" and especially "Send Me An Angel" (it's that disco rhythm and their repeated words of 'send me an angel, right now' against the eerie, almost melody that locks me in here!). As I prepare to sign off tonight, I had thought about ending with the words 'pleasant dreams', but maybe it would be more appropriate to simply conclude with 'electric dreams' instead:

CD #1

1. Summer Rain
2. Falling Free
3. Way Of Life
4. Every Little Thing
5. Send Me An Angel
6. Closer
7. Hold Me
8. Nu Love
9. Think You're All That
10. You Turn Me On
11. Someday
12. Dance Everybody

CD #2

1. Way Of Life (Studio B Remix)
2. Summer Rain (Zander Club Mix)
3. Summer Rain (Alex K Klubbed Up Mix)
4. Every Little Thing (mrTimothy Club Mix)
5. Every Little Thing (mrTimothy Dub Mix)
6. Careless Whisper (Radio Edit)
7. U Could Be
8. Feel The Vibe (Mike Felks Mix)
9. Someday (Moustache D-Day Mix)
10. Closer (Mike Felks Club Mix)
11. Someday Part II

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Helene Fischer-The English Ones (2010)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 30, 2016

Heaven is here! That's because the almighty voice of the German pop queen Helene Fischer has come to "The Music Spectrum"! Yet I may not have ever entered through the gates and into her celestial music haven had curiosity not gotten the best of me. It was a few months ago when the new boybandd KLUBBB3 was recommended to me. My reception of their debut German album, "Vorsicht Unzensiert!" (I have no idea what that means yet), arrived with some interesting details about the band's origins and background, including the eye-opening fact that Helene Fischer, who was in a relationship with one of the KLUBBB3 members, has been the best selling artist in Deutschland! With that, my attention had suddenly shifted over to this mystery lady, and it was soon afterwards that I would be gifted her first album of English recordings, simply yet appropriately entitled "The English Ones". Well, this has turned out to be 'one' remarkable gift.....and it's a gift that's kept on giving—musical pleasure, that is, and almost unspeakable joy! From the instant the powerful and astounding voice of Queen Helene dazzled my ears on the dancey lead-off track and darling romantic tribute, "You're My Destination", I was ready to bow down to Her Royal Highness. It was this very first song where I noted the exquisite backing production on this album, the familiarity and the distinctively theatrical-like presentation of "You're My Destination" and other elegant selections afterwards leading be to wonder if Helene ever performed in past Eurovision song contests or other similar singing competitions; if not, then she should ! Just that dancey opener had remained stuck in my head for weeks, but it would eventually be replaced when my ears and heart would be captivated by the magically majestic music expositions that are "I'll Walk With You" and, as I alluded to at the beginning of this review, "Heaven Is Here". The former is the one ballad on this album that prompted me to place Helene right there on the same musical pedestal with the likes of such fellow adult contemporaries as Celine Dion, Jennifer Rush and the amazing Icelandic superstar, Hera Björk; it just takes my breath away! Then as for the latter, well, it does a lot more than just take away my breath; it makes me feel like I'm flying, lifting me up and carrying me to an enchanted, mystical reality where only the Helene's voice and myself are both frozen in time, the only souls in existence! 'The day you came into my life is like heaven is here'—it's those same sweet words from the beautiful chorus that won't release their grip on me, and neither will the accompanying orchestral music, which features some mighty pounding drums that turn this gem into quite the epic masterpiece! "My Heart Belongs To You": I can totally hear the similarities to Celine Dion on this heartwarming ballad; the song is just full of sunshine and makes me smile, especially when Helene's vocal chords rise above the confined breathy voice that's barely above a tender whisper in the beginning. Another fine 'English one' that touches me: "Don't Ask"; the sadness parading through the music attracts me here, and I can say that it's fast-approaching 'music addiction' status, just as "You're My Destination", "I'll Walk With You" and "Heaven Is Here" already have. "Sometimes Love": I keep overlooking this gem, but it also touches me, as it's like a low-key celebration of the victory of achieving love. Though it sure doesn't end low-key; Helene's powerfully soaring vocals rise to the occasion and tack on an exclamation point when the last beat is heard! And I also keep forgetting how much I enjoy this album's other fun, dancey track: "Only Dreamers". I get that 80's throwback pop feel all throughout this one, highlighted by the bouncy, sing-along chorus. Though out of all of these 'English ones', "Heaven Is Here" is THE one that continues to reign supreme, and I can only dream how many times I will have listened to it before it's finally gotten out of my system, if ever does.....

1. You're My Destination
2. You Let Me Shine
3. From Here Til Forever
4. Sweet Surrender
5. Everything I Need
6. My Heart Belongs To You
7. Don't Ask
8. Leave Me
9. Goodbye My Love
10. Wake Me Up
11. I'll Walk With You
12. Sometimes Love
13. Only Dreamers
14. Heaven Is Here

Kim Sozzi-Life Goes On (1999)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 30, 2016

Have you seen all the colors of a butterfly shine? That opening statement is inspired by the lyrics featured on the beautiful song of inspiration and self-preservation that is "One Day At A Time", the concluding track to this latest tasty music treat that was recently gifted to me. "Life Goes On" was the debut album by renowned dance diva Kim Sozzi, although I was immediately met with surprise when the generous gifter informed me in advance of the adult contemporary style of the music. Considering that it was a trance song that had gotten me formally acquainted to Ms. Sozzi a few years back, I was both intrigued and curious.....just as I'm sure many of you are who are reading this review now. This eleven-track promotional edition comes with a slight modification: my personally-customized artwork, which is enhanced by the watermark of the butterfly and the stars—two objects that I think are symbols of life. I'm giving special mention to that because, before I had even played "One Day At A Time" for my ears, that was the design I came up with. Then lo and behold, ' I've seen all the colors of the butterfly shine ' would coincidentally be presented as the main lyrics from the chorus! Some kind of premonition force at work there? I like when predictions work out like that. And while I have "One Day At A Time" still front and center, I'd like to say this song was a perfect closure. Not only are Kim's confident and brightening words—of taking things one day at a time when she's in doubt or going south—so rightfully completes the 'life goes on' theme, but the song's title itself is a motto that I personally abide by in my own day-to-day living. As for the album title itself, you'll hear Kim relaying that message over and over on the fun story called "Four Eyes". The light guitar--driven music here—plus the way Kim goes 'doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo' before each of the verses—had me thinking "Dawson's Creek"/Paula Cole's "I Don't Wanna Wait". Sensing a bit of angst from Kim, that nerdy-high-school-girl-gets-rejected feeling as she sings about a boy who doesn't seem to take serious notice in her. Like how she sticks it to him at the end by proudly proclaiming her success and happiness while the boy has nothing. Of a similar fun nature are the upbeat, perky pop/rock tune "Lucky Girl" (the music box that plays at the end adds a tenderly touch) and "My Kind" (the sweet sounds of the jazzy saxophone always make me and my music senses smile). Then there's a song that's just tender and sweet all the way through: "Man In The Moon". Form the title, I knew it would have a lofty, romantic air about it, and that is prediction is quickly proven to be true when the day-dreamy music and the words of tribute (' you're the cradle in my spoon ' is my favorite line) start filling my ears. There's the happiness and romantically glowing side of "Life Goes On"; then there's the unhappiness and emotional darkness on the other side. The opener, " 'Til I Cry You Out Of Me", establishes both some of that emotional darkness, plus the aforementioned adult contemporary, soft rock sound of this album right off the bat. That's to be followed by Kim's cover of a song I've fallen in love with in recent months: "Just When I Needed You Most". I've been hearing so many beautiful covers of it lately (with the version by the Belgian boyband DREAMLOVERS still stuck fresh in my mind), and I really like this mellow, toned-down, warming version of Kim's, which is accented by the distinctively-Italian bistro stringed instrumental in the background. The song feels so short; it seemed to be over with before I knew it, but it''s very nice on the ears. My favorite line of the chorus is 'you left me just when I needed you most' (loving in particular the way the 'you' is drawn out), which I sometimes don't even realize how sad it is in spite of the charming delivery. The breakup ballad "Letting Go" is very well-presented ' It's not okay to play this game of seesaw in my head '&mash;that's my favorite line here, and I can almost taste the bite of her anger in the delivery of those words as well as when she commands the guy not to call her or write her anymore. Yet this colorful butterfly shines the most when her raspy, rising voice—bold and astounding powerful—turns both "Two Shades Of Blue" and "The End" into show-stopping performances! Her vocals on the former alone are enough to melt anyone's soul and bring tears to the eyes while the latter is so moving that you'd think it was a from an epic moment in a blockbuster motion picture! And with that, I end my mini-novel of a review, but there is surely lots of life to be lived once you come alive with the actual music:

1. 'Til I Cry You Out Of Me
2. Four Eyes
3. My Kind
4. Man In The Moon
5. Letting Go
6. Stuck In The Middle
7. Two Shades Of Blue
8. Lucky Girl
9. Just When I Needed You Most
10. The End
11. One Day At A Time

Monday, November 28, 2016

Roger Clinton-Nothing Good Comes Easy (1994)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 28, 2016

I'll have to slightly disagree with the above album title in this particular case, because this latest music share of mine really did come easy, and it's as good as the title suggests! My indulgent streak of reconnecting with the 'R' artists in my music collection coincidentally concludes with me never before having gotten reacquainted with the voice of Roger Clinton, who becomes the latest 'mystery artist'—well, at least a mystery to me—to grace "The Music Spectrum". And here's a further coincidence: the fact that exactly two songs here on Roger's first and only known solo album even speak about mysteries (in some form or another), plus the fact that both of these songs emerged as two of my personal favorites, once my 40+ minute listening adventure with him had come to an end. There's "Mystery To Me", whose funky pop arrangement is an instant attraction while his words of being mystified about the things that are often done in this life intrigue and challenge the mind, then "Ride Captain Ride", where the classy, old-school soul feel instantly captivates the senses while he tells the story about riding on a 'mystery ship'. It is no mystery to say that both will end up on my 'Easy-Listening Radio Mix' playlist; especially the latter, considering its very eclectic production (the slight touch of reggae in the rhythm, the jazzy saxophone, the organ and a cool stringed arrangement that I can't quite identify). But way before my ears began exploring those musical mysteries, Roger had already made an excellent case for himself on the opening delight that is "Fantasy Of Love", taking quick notice of his intimate, ear-appealing vocals that do indeed belong on the soft rock radio airwaves. After his confession of love sickness on "Ain't No Cure For You" and his meaningful concept offering about the general troubled man in"Brother, Brother" is when this 'mystery man' really began to make an impression on me! Always a sucker for the sad, mellow love song, it took me no time at all to be moved by "We Throw Our Love Away", while the radio-perfect gem that is "Right Where My Heart Belongs" (something about his journey of finding his place in the world is both lonely and magical, all at the same time) had sold on me long before the delivery of it was complete, A surprise twist in the musical make-up of this album arises first on "Different Man", where Roger's outward showing of being changed sees him reeling off the slick rap lyrics and turning the song into quite the cool, hip-hop affair, then on the concluding piece, "Born Under A Bad Sign", where some good old-fashioned bluesy rock is as easy as they come:

1. Fantasy Of :Love
2. Nothing Good Comes Easy
3. Ain't No Cure For You
4. Brother, Brother
5. We Throw Our Love Away
6. Mystery To Me
7. Right Where My Heart Belongs
8. Different Man
9. Ride Captain Ride
10. Born Under A Bad Sign

Sunday, November 27, 2016

RAY PARKER, JR. AND RAYDIO-A Woman Needs Love (1981)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 27, 2016

I've come full circle now in my music-listening over the past several days with my 'R' re-connections while I've started a brand new circle that sees me revolving back in time to my favorite decade. It all started with the man who recorded the original "Ghostbusters" theme song.....and it's the same man who entertained my ears again on this final Sunday night of November. Except this time, Ray is performing with the short-lived soul group RAYDIO on their final studio album, "A Woman Needs Love". I am so proud to say that this album's title track, which deservedly leads off this particular old-school joyride, is my #2 favorite song recorded by this man which, ironically, I had never even heard on the actual radio! It would be well into the New Millennium when this romantically sexy groove first dazzled my ears, taking particular interest in the jazzy smooth groove and the occasional fluttery melody of the woodwind overtures adding some sweet zing to the music. Ray tenderly voicing 'a woman needs love' followed by the backup crew answering with an equally tender 'just like you do'—that portion of the charming chorus is really the only thing that I need! Songs like that, I had determined a while ago, are when Ray is at his best; such similar slower-tempo grooves as "That Old Song" (a warming feel-good tune where he's reminiscing and reminding the listener that there's often a certain song that floods our minds and hearts with fond memories of that first ever love), "Old Pro" (where he confesses his expertise at romance) and the slowed-all-the-way-down number, "So Into You", support that notion. Yet it's a remarkable delight to hear the silky-voiced Ray whenever the old-school funky disco party erupts first on "It's Your Night" (his shout-outs to the various peoples and locales around the globe add some flair to the disco fun!), then again on "All In The Way You Get Down", "You Can't Fight What You Feel" (I noted a funky yet very subtle ' SUGARHILL GANG/"Rapper's Delight" ' thing going on in the rhythm) and "Still In The Groove" (yeah, I'd say he's groovin' alright on this 6+ minute instrumental explosion!). Hey, how about an instrumental for the beautiful title track, too? Well, no such luck on this particular release, but I've already got all that I need with just the original four-minute version:

1. A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)
2. It's Your Night
3. That Old Song
4. All In The Way You Get Down
5. You Can't Fight What You Feel
6. Old Pro
7. Still In The Groove
8. So Into You
9. All In The Way You Get Down [Remix]
10. It's Your Night [7" Version]
11. A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do) [7" Version]

Saturday, November 26, 2016

ROMANTICS-In Heat (1983)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 26, 2016

As Glenn Frey said on his rockin' 1984 hit, the heat is on! Wow—it's even been a long time since I heard that one, but I decided to pull something else off the backbuner within the 'R' entries in my music collection and play it for my ears tonight. That would be this 1983 album by the new wave outfit out of Detroit, Michigan called THE ROMANTICS. And with THE ROMANTICS appearing in "The Music Spectrum" spotlight comes another music confession of mine: I had heard only and exactly two songs by them for years—well into this New Millennium, in fact!—before I claimed my copy of this CD. Both are memorable and definitive rock hits of the 80's: "What I Like About You" and "Talking In Your Sleep". Kinda hard to decide which of the two I love more, but I suppose for the sake of this feature being about what I like about "In Heat", I'll have to go with the latter. I've always enjoyed the lyrics to this one—which basically tells how people will reveal whatever truths their hiding when they're asleep and have no control over what their mind is thinking—plus the way the lead singer delivers the last few words of every verse ending in 'cause I can hear it in the nigh-ye-I-ye-ight'. Of course, I had to help myself to a few repeats before I got all filled up, but that's not the only one that I had to have second helpings of. "Open Up Your Door" starts off easily enough, but suddenly blossoms into a catchy sing-along with the back-and-forth of the lead singer and the backup crew singing 'I said a I' and I wanna love you some more', not to mention that wild, hair band rocker's roar at the end of every verse. I can feel that hair band rock spirit also on "Got Me Everywhere You Want Me"; the classy 80's rock energy, the dancey rhythm and the simple hooks are what pull me into the music here! It's the band's knack for the simplicity of the a catchy chorus that keeps me hooked further on jams like "Rock You Up" (so cool to her the harmonica infused with the rock energy), "One In A Million" and "Love Me To The Max", with the simplest jams of all coming by way of "Diggin' On You" (there's a definite new wave spirit floating in the music on this one) and the fun, rock n' roll number entitled "I'm Hip" (the drum beats are fantastic!). Good times are to be had on the concluding cut as well: "Shake A Tail Feather"; it reminds me of some songs from that "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack, having that certain jukebox rock spirit about it that gets me going. Listening to this "In Heat" CD has gotten my rock senses nice and warmed up; I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before I crank the heat all the way up.....

1. Rock You Up
2. Do Me Any Way You Wanna
3. Got Me Everywhere You Want Me
4. One In A Million
5. Open Up Your Door
6. Talking In Your Sleep
7. Love Me To The Max
8. Diggin' On You
9. I'm Hip
10. Shake A Tail Feather

Friday, November 25, 2016

RENÉ & ANGELA-Street Called Desire (1985)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 25, 2016

Yes—how I always 'desire' to take a road trip along the street of endless feel-good tunes that will forever be the awesome 80's! They'd been on mind for several weeks—ince I embarked on my mission to reconnect with many of the 'R' artists in my music library‐but tonight, I finally gave the soul duo of René Moore and Angela Winbush my complete and undivided attention when I took a thirty-eight minute stroll with them back along the "Street Called Desire". One of my favorite soul duos from my favorite decade still impress me and captivate me with the same four familiar favorite tracks, my #1 being the timeless and magical slow number, "You Don't Have To Cry". Besides just being my personal #1, it's another one of THE definitive soul songs of the 80's—much like Roger Troutman's "I Want To Be Your Man"—that brings back a sea of warm, childhood memories every time I take in the soft groove and the melody of the trumpet accenting the whole comforting, tender flow of the music. I always remembered how the word 'cry' gets echoed three times for added effect at the end of every pass during the main chorus. Mega-memories are stirred up on "Who's Foolin' Who?", a fabulously-funky jam that I remember so well from the soundtrack to my #1 favorite movie of all time: Whoopi Goldberg's "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (and the movie itself is the source of a sea of childhood memories, always loving these high-tech spy films and my favorite all-time actress!). The hook is just great, René and Angela simply singing ' who's foolin', who's foolin' who? ' over and over in the chorus. "Your Smile": this album's second memorable and beautiful slow jam just fills me up with so much warmth and is so nice on the ears. Remembered how their sweet harmony delivers the simple words 'your smile', raising in pitch with every repetition in the chorus. And Angela shines on this song in particular, loving the way her voice soars and flutters like a butterfly. Then there's "I'll Be Good", which is another one of their much-often-played hits and a jam that I just remember so well from the radio. Beyond that quartet of music memories, the other half of this album served up something new for my mental jukebox to ingest. "Save Your Love (For #1)": I had forgotten how that this one kicked off with the fresh rap of the MC. I didn't recall the hook until the familiar way their voices soared up on the delivery of '#1' in the main chorus joggled my attention. This song has that sunny, feelgood 80's kick to it which, along with the simple message of saving your love for the one you got to come home to—as the rapping MC says midway through—makes it highly addicting to the 80's music lover! The same holds true for my new-found favorite, "Drive My Love" , which is simply classic 80's pop goodness at its best with the funky, synthesized glitz; how wonderful it is for me to have rediscovered this one! I'm surely gonna end up filling up my my playlists with practically this entire album; it may have only been eight tracks deep, but as the old adage goes, eight is enough:

1. Save Your Love (For #1)
2. I'll Be Good
3. No How No Way
4. You Don't Have To Cry
5. Street Called Desire
6. Your Smile
7. Who's Foolin' Who?
8. Drive My Love

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Roger Troutman-Unlimited! (1987)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 22, 2016

Yes—the steady flow of feelgood tunes from the 80's is 'unlimited' indeed! I find myself returning once again to my favorite decade as I continue to reconnect with the 'R' artists who have been stashed away in my music collection for far too long. Keeping me and my ears company tonight was the man who's been celebrated as being one of the premiere early pioneers of the 'talkbox era': Roger Troutman. It was sometime during my elementary school yesterdays when I'd eternally be captivated by his memorable soul classic, "I Want To Be Your Man". Those signature digitized, robotic voice effects—the the very first thing that attracted me to the song, as I recalled believing it was the coolest things ever heard in music at the time. Even now into my adulthood, I still have those sentiments; evidence of that can be found right here at "The Music Spectrum" where, in countless numbers of my previous reviews, I've raved about featured artists who've made excellent usage of the talkbox themselves. There's nothing like a digitally-disguised voice to add a little stylistic zing to an already-good song, which also happens to be one of THE definitive and timeless romantic slow jams of that decade! I'd nearly forgotten that, here on this "Unlimited!" album, that Roger had served up the follow-up reprise a few tracks later called "I Really Want To Be Your Man". Well if he didn't make his intentions loud and clear the first time, he surely reinforces that romantic desire here, albeit through minimal vocals and a more seductive groove, highlighted by the sharp guitar solo and the puffs of woodwind melodies sweetening the music. I could tell that it really had been too long since I last listened to Roger when I had no memory of this album's' second scintillating slow jam, "If You're Serious", before I began playing it. Then all at once, it seemed like all of the words and the familiar chords raced back into my mental jukebox. A proposal for everything that the woman desires—that's what this charmer of a song is and is a perfect companion to "I Want To Be Your Man", pleasing the ears further wth the lusciousness of the soft groove and the happy trumpet solo midway through. Thinking more about songs that make complementary companions, Track #3's "Been This Way Before" and "Thrill Seekers" are the perfect match for each other. The former is a trip back to the old school to the Golden Age of rap, where simple yet meaningful messages for youngsters and beatboxing were the main event. Here, Roger schools us on the importance of saying 'no' to drugs—offering that pills only gave him temporary relief—while the thunderous, big-time beats in the backing production spruce up the song into explosive thrill ride that it becomes! The latter speaks a similar truth, the message on this one about young people who are living life in the fastlane and the potential dangers and hazards awaiting them at very corner. 'There is a killer out there waiting for you,' Roger warns in so many words, and that in itself is nothing to be thrilled about at all. What is thrilling, however, is the funky beat, and once the words of wisdom are wisely accepted, the music will win you over! Then there are the jams that made me sorely miss the 80's all over again: "Night And Day" (funky, upbeat, and super catchy), "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" (the Roger Troutman talkbox returns here, turning this one into a cool tune, too!) and the curiously-titled "Bedistgutarist-A-Rown", where the infusion of the rock guitars give the music (and your senses) an energetic kick. And totally right on point with my recent chill-out music-listening mood is the slowed instrumental ambiance of "Composition To Commemorate". I had limitless possibilities for who I could have listened to tonight, but I'm so glad I got settled in for this "Unlimited!" joyride around the proverbial block:

1. I Want To Be Your Man
2. Night And Day
3. Been This Way Before (Rap)
4. Composition To Commemorate
5. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
6. Thrill Seekers
7. Tender Moments
8. If Your're Serious
9. Private Lover
10. I Really Want To Be Your Man
11. Bedistgutarist-A-Rown