Monday, August 2, 2010

365-One Touch (2006)


Forget about the boybands that only released one album--how about the ones that released only two or three singles? I'm not exactly sure if that's the case with the U.K. quintet who called themselves 365, but if you check out the streaming radio playlist on their official Myspace page (which is now defunct, but at least the wallpaper is cool!), you'll see that they've recorded at least three songs to date:

I totally forget how I ended up on their Myspace page in the first place; I was probably just browsing around for random boybands or just seeking new pop music in general. But when I played "One Touch" on their radio playlist (this song is a total jam), I was instantly hooked and began a feverish search for their complete album..... Well, there doesn't seem to be one, unfortunately; only a promo album featuring the aforementioned song and its dazzling array of dance remixes, which I can thank my good friend Oleg for sending to me at my personal request. The two other songs from the radio playlist--"We Should Be Dancing" and "That Thing"--weren't part of the promo release, so I ended up searching for these two songs separately. I couldn't find a copy of "We Should Be Dancing" (which is not a cover of the song by the same name by the BEE GEES) anywhere at all, but I was so thrilled when I got a hold of the ultra-rare "That Thing", which is another awesome jam.

So what does 365 sound like? Two or three recordings might not be enough to form an accurate description of any music artist, but I would say that 365 has that trademark r&b/dance-pop style like that so many other boybands before and after them. But since I mentioned their Myspace page, you could access samples of the two songs to hear for yourself. Then I would recommend that, upon listening to this album, that you first play the 'Radio Edit' of "One Touch" (which is the regular non-remixed version), then the remixes (my favorite ones are the eerie DEPECHE MODE-like 'Matt Mix' and the killer 'Steve Mac' trance mixes, which are perfect for the dance clubs), then the bonus video of "One Touch", then finally the Music Conflux exclusive tune, "That Thing"; following this precise order, however, is not required to enjoy this music by another talented, extremely short-lived boyband that probably should've lasted well beyond a few recordings:

1. One Touch [Bimbo Jones Remix]
2. One Touch [Steve Mac Main Mix]
3. One Touch [Steve Mac Instrumental]
4. One Touch [Steve Mac Dub]
5. One Touch [Beathoven Remix]
6. One Touch [Original Radio Edit]
7. One Touch [Bimbo Jones Radio Edit]
8. One Touch [Steve Mac Radio Edit]

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

9. One Touch [Matt Mix]
10. One Touch [Nexus Remix]
11. One Touch [VIDEO]
12. That Thing

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