Monday, August 2, 2010

ASWAD-To The Top (1986)


Reggae music--now there's something that I don't listen to enough of! Of course, being raised almost exclusively on pop and r&b throughout most of my childhood and living in a part of the world where exposure to that type of music is uncommon has a little to do with that. And, there's my never-ending insatiable desire to hear everything I can get my hands on, so something has to get left out sometime. I've given references to ASWAD in previous album posts that feature reggae tunes, but I believe this is my first ever post about an actual reggae band and, therefore, a full-length reggae album. One thing I notice about reggae is that it always sound fresh. Maybe it's because I don't hear it all the time or that it's so different than all of the other music genres. The beats are what I enjoy about reggae more than anything else, even though I think vocals are important part of it; it makes me no difference what words are being sung in the lyrics. "Pull Up", Hooked On You" and "Bubbling" are my favorite songs on ASWAD's ninth studio album, "To The Top". And yes, I did say 'ninth'; eight other albums preceded this one and, considering that they just released an album as recently as 2009, ASWAD is surely legendary reggae band that's been performing together for a very long time:

1. Pull Up
2. Wrapped Up
3. Bubbling
4. No Bada Wid It
5. Gimme The Dub
6. Nuclear Soldier
7. Kool Noh
8. Star Of My Show
9. Hooked On You

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