Monday, August 2, 2010

BOYZVOICE-Get Ready To Be Boyzvoiced (2000)


Sometimes you want to hear something just to get a few laughs out of it; that's why I sought out the MC Lars album, "The Graduate", which I posted earlier this week. I was in a silly mood the other day and felt like listening to something else that was a little wacky and off-the-wall, so I started listening to "Get Ready To Be Boyzvoiced"--the first and only album featuring the fictional Norwegian boyband that calls itself BOYZVOICE and directly based on the 2000 'mockumentary' by the exact same name. I found out about this zany threesome many months ago while in the process of searching for other boybands, and they just came up.....only I didn't know that they weren't a real band (surprise, surprise!). So I suppose that, technically, they can't be clumped together with the other failed boybands that only released one album and dropped off the face of the earth. But I can say that BOYZVOICE is officially the second fictional boyband I've featured since I first featured the five-piece boyband, 2GE+HER, on 'The Music Nexus: Reloaded'.....and their songs are just as silly with similar nonsense lyrics. The music, however, is actually pretty cool; it's a mix of the BACKSTREET BOYS/N*SYNC-style r&b/dance-pop with the bubblegum Eurodance style of groups like AQUA, TOY-BOX or CH!PZ. My favorite songs are Track #3's "We Are The Playmomen" (the animated video included at the end of the album shows the three guys in the group posing as the fictional 'Playmomen' toys) and the Spanish dance tune "Quanta Costa Cerveza" (translated as 'How Much Does Beer Cost?'). But if you prefer to hear the music and beats without the words, however, instrumentals of all ten of the original songs are included as well:

1. Cousin
2. Hey, Mr. President
3. We Are The Playmomen
4. Twelve Year Old Woman
5. What's Happening To My Body?
6. Kick The Ball
7. Let Me Be Your Father Xmas
8. Quanta Costa Cervesa?
9. Library Girl
10. Spy Me At Noon
11. Cousin [Instrumental]
12. Hey, Mr. President [Instrumental]
13. We Are The Playmomen [Instrumental]
14. Twelve Year Old Woman [Instrumental]
15. What's Happening To My Body? [Instrumental]
16. Kick The Ball [Instrumental]
17. Let Me Be Your Father Xmas [Instrumental]
18. Quanta Costa Cervesa? [Instrumental]
19. Library Girl [Instrumental]
20. Spy Me At Noon [Instrumental]
21. We Are The Playmomen [VIDEO]

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