Monday, August 2, 2010

Cliff Richard-Help It Along (2007)


Cliff Richard is another legendary singer I've known about all my life but never grew up listening to. In fact, the only one of his songs that I remembered from my childhood was the 1989 Stock-Aitken-Waterman pop production, "I Just Don't Have The Heart". But it's never too late to go back and experience a singer's earlier recordings, and that's what I did when I got Cliff Richard's 2007 remastered version of his "Help It Along" album, which was originally recorded before a live audience way back in 1974. This version, however, contains four additional studio-recorded songs (Tracks #13, #14, #15, and #16), which seem to be missing from some versions of this exact same album advertised on commercial music websites such as CD Universe but are all included on other digitally-downloadable versions like the one featured on Amazon. If you'd only heard 1989's "I Just Don't Have The Heart" and nothing else by Cliff Richard, then you wouldn't know that his music has gospel roots; I myself wouldn't have known until I got this album. I'm generally more accustomed to contemporary and traditional gospel music from the 80's and beyond, but the spreading of Christian messages in song in any form or another is always welcome:

1. Day By Day
2. Celestial Houses
3. Jesus
4. Silvery Rain
5. Jesus Loves You
6. Fire And Rain
7. Yesterday, Today, Forever
8. Mr. Business Man
9. Help It Along
10. Amazing Grace
11. Higher Ground
12. Sing A Song Of Freedom
13. Help It Along [Non-Live Alternative Single]
14. Tomorrow Rising
15. The Days Of Love
16. Ashes To Ashes

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