Monday, August 2, 2010

Corey Hart-Sunglasses At Night (1995)


Many people may not know that "Sunglasses At Night" was not only one of Corey Hart's greatest hits of his entire singing career, but it was also the title to a 'mini compilation' album released in 1995. I'm putting this one up at this juncture because a visitor from one of my blog affiliates, 'Lost Pop Treasures', contacted me in regards to the song "Too Good To Be Enough", which didn't ring a bell with me until he directed me to the song's official video on Youtube. So, as he requested this song from me, I decided I'd upload the album from which it came in its entirety--even adding the official video for a personal extra touch. Although I don't have any other information regarding the song, "Too Good To Be Enough" sounds as though it was recorded back in the late 80's, but I'm sure I heard it at least once or twice on the radio airwaves when I was a kid. For your reference, the other nine songs that make up the original ten-track album are taken from five studio albums that preceded this one: "BANG!", "Boy In The Box", "Fields Of Fire", "First Offense" and "Young Man Running". But I'm sure that Corey Hart fans who don't have the "Too Good Enough Song" (or the video, for that matter) will want to get this album:

1. Sunglasses At Night
2. Lone Wolf
3. Too Good To Be Enough
4. Rain On Me
5. Angry Young Man
6. Komrade Kiev
7. Lamp At Midnight
8. Waiting For You
9. Icon
10. Chippin' Away

*****BONUS TRACK*****

11. Too Good To Be Enough [Official Video]

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