Sunday, August 1, 2010

CORRS-Forgiven, Not Forgotten (1995)


The first time that I'd heard the voices of this Irish pop band was when I was checking out some dance music a few years ago and heard one of their hits, "Breathless", which I ended up putting on a mix CD I made for myself. At that time, I had no idea that the brother-sister foursome was a Celtic rock group and that their music primarily has Irish folk influences. I found out that fact through a conversation with my friend Deven, who introduced me to THE CORRS' 1995 debut album, "Forgiven, Not Forgotten"; he's always recommending great music to me! He wanted me to listen to a couple of instrumentals--one of them, "Toss The Feathers", I told him, was really beautiful and combines rock with Celtic music in a stunning way that I've never heard before! And that's how all of the songs on this album work. So the music on "Forgiven, Not Forgotten", then, could be classified as easy-listening, ambient pop, and seeing how Deven likes instrumentals and relaxing music, I can see why he likes it so much. "The Right Time", Track #7, has a bouncy, infectious melody that reminds me of the kind of music that ACE OF BASE recorded in the mid-90's--it won't stop playing in my head! Neither will "Love To Love You"; both of these songs, and the rockin' dance jam, "Leave Me Alone", are my favorites! And I can't forget about the six instrumentals that are included, either; they're all beautiful! I really like the last one the most--"Erin Shore", which begins with a beautiful violin/piano melody before the flute, the piano and the other instruments join into the music:

1. Erin Shore [Traditional Intro - Instrumental]
2. Forgiven Not Forgotten
3. Heaven Knows
4. Along With The Girls [Instrumental]
5. Someday
6. Runaway
7. The Right Time
8. The Minstrel Boy [Instrumental]
9. Toss The Feathers
10. Love To Love You
11. Secret Life
12. Carraroe Jig [Instrumental]
13. Closer
14. Leave Me Alone
15. Erin Shore [Instrumental]

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