Monday, August 2, 2010



When I posted the soundtrack to the "Sweet Valley High" televisions series, I mentioned it was going to be the last soundtrack I posted for a while before I resumed postings of albums by individual artists..... Well, I decided I wanted to sneak another one in here--1988's "Iron Eagle II" soundtrack. Although I often mention how fond I am of everything 80's, the "Iron Eagle" movie series is one of the few from that decade that I have little or virtually no memory of; ask me something about "A Nightmare On Elm Street", "Friday The 13th", or the "Police Academy" series, for example, and it's an entirely different story. One day, I'll have to go back and watch all four parts to "Iron Eagle", but for the moment, I've enjoyed (and am still enjoying) all of the songs featured on the soundtrack--songs that I'd never even heard before. The theme here is definitely rock n' roll--both of the hard and soft variety. I recognized about half of the artist names, however (Billy Vera, Ruth Pointer of THE POINTER SISTERS, Rick Springfield and former lead singer of LOVERBOY, ALICE COOPER and Mike Reno, whom I often get mixed up with being the lead singer of another rock band, JOUNREY). Everyone else is new to me, and with all new artists, I like to explore a little and find out more about them. I have particular interest in Henry Lee Summer (whose "If You Were My Girl" struck a chord with me) and in SWEET OBSESSION, whose "Take These Chains" is indeed a hit that is, to make a play on words, 'off the chain'; at the end of that song, instead of singing 'Take these chains', you'll be singing 'Take me back to the eighties':

1. Mike Reno - Chasing The Angels
2. The Insiders - Gimme Some Lovin'
3. Henry Lee Summer - If You Were My Girl
4. FM - Burning My Heart Down
5. Rick Springfield - I Need You
6. Alice Cooper - I Got A Line On You
7. Doug & The Slugs - Tomcat Prowl
8. Britny Fox - Livin' On The Edge
9. Sweet Obsession - Take These Chains
10. Ruth Pointer & Billy Vera - Enemies Like You And Me

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