Monday, August 2, 2010

Leonid Rudenko-Album (2009)


Halloween isn't for another four months, yet you might be a bit haunted by the five ladies donning the white masks standing behind Russian dance artist Leonid Rudenko. Not to be afraid, though; there's nothing scary about the music. But what is scary is how many times I've played this CD in my car over the past several days (I've lost count). Once again, I must thank my good friend Oleg for sharing another fine album with me, but this one was personally air mailed directly to my home all the way from Moscow in Eastern Europe to the United States, and I've been wearing this album out ever since I started listening to it! Leonid's full-length debut is simply called "Album" in English, but it took me a while to figure it out as I'm still trying to learn the Russian alphabet, and Oleg is still helping me with that even halfway around the world. I was totally impressed with this album--especially with the first two songs: "Freefall", a lovely instrumental trance melody to get you into the dancing mood, and the awesome thriller "Destination", which I've been playing over and over and over repeatedly the past few days and makes use of an infectious piano/guitar combination playing over an explosive techno beat--an interesting and imaginative sound combination I'd never heard before:

1. Freefall
2. Destination [feat. Nicco]
3. Summerfish [feat. Daniella]
4. Lose It [feat. Shena]
5. Real Life [feat. Vicky Fee]
6. Think About Tomorrow [feat. Danny Foster]
7. Feels Like I'm Alone
8. Lovestory [feat. Plavka & Max Fredrikson]
9. Song For Ya
10. Everybody [Feat. Ragsy]
11. Say What!

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