Monday, August 2, 2010

Linda Eder-Broadway, My Way (2003)


As I've been going through Linda's complete discography one CD at a time, I've constantly been thinking to myself that her voice is so ideal for movie soundtracks and theater productions--in much the same way that the voice of Filipino singer/actress Lea Salonga is (Lea is another elegant singer whose music I've yet to immerse myself into; I've only heard her self-titled 1992 album so far). While I had been listening to some of the songs from her earlier albums from the 90's, I took a closer look ahead to the ones she released in the next decade and noticed 2003's "Broadway, My Way" among the album titles listed on her Wikipedia page. So that was all the confirmation I needed to see that Linda has indeed done some live commercial musical performances in her career, but even without that proof, I had a feeling that she did anyways. I may not have been in attendance when any of the shows from which the thirteen songs on this album come were given, but I bet each one of them was a stellar exhibition. Linda is a stellar exhibition herself, and I'm now completely sold on the notion that she could sing anything she wanted for whatever entertainment channel she chose, whether it be for movies, television, live stage, jazz club, studio or for Broadway--the highest level of commercial theater in the English-speaking world:

1. I Am What I Am [from "La Cage Aux Folles"]
2. Anthem [from "Chess"]
3. On The Street Where You Live [from "My Fair Lady"]
4. What Kind Of Fool [from "Stop The World I Want To Get Off"]
5. Some People [from "Gypsy"]
6. I'll Be Seeing You [from "Right This Way"]
7. Gold [from "Camille Claudel"]
8. Don't Rain On My Parade [from "Funny Girl"]
9. The Impossible Dream [from "Man Of La Mancha"]
10. A New Life [from "Jekyl & Hyde"]
11. Edelweiss [from "The Sound Of Music"]
12. Unusual Way [from "Nine"]
13. Man Of La Mancha [from "Man Of La Mancha"]

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