Monday, August 2, 2010

Linda Eder-It's Time (1997)


I so wanted to put this one up Saturday evening after posting Linda's "And So Much More" but, as often happens on the weekends, time escaped me.....and it escaped me again Sunday afternoon as well. Since featuring her self-titled album, I've been really anxious to hear more of Linda's jazz music (and even more anxious to feature it here). She really does have an impressive voice, and I'm shocked now that I don't even recall ever having heard of her in all the years I've been into music. So you can expect, then, that I'll be featuring many more of Linda's albums in the future; 1997's "It's Time" definitely won't be her last to appear here at the Conflux. So I was listening to these songs late this afternoon.....and got hooked in an instant! Many of them are swingin' jazz numbers, like "Don't Ask Me Why" (this one is my favorite, and I like the cheeky spoken comments she makes at the end) and "Man Of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)". But there are also some lovely ballads, like the updated version of the familiar classic "Over The Rainbow", "Candle In The Window", "Unusual Way" and "Only Love", plus some other beautiful jazz-pop tunes like the mid-tempo Spanish guitar/saxophone number, "The Last Tango" (the instrumental interlude concluding this song is awesome). I can't wait to get all of the rest of her albums, as Linda Eder has surely been one of the best singers that I've heard so far this year:

1. It's Time
2. I Want More
3. I'm Afraid This Must Be Love
4. Don't Ask Me Why
5. Over The Rainbow
6. Big Time
7. When Autumn Comes
8. Man Of La Mancha (I. Don Quixote)
9. I Don't Know How To Say Good-Bye
10. Candle In The Window
11. The Last Tango
12. Unusual Way
13. Only Love
14. The Children Of Eve
15. Something To Believe In
16. Someone Like You

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