Monday, August 2, 2010

Linda Eder-Storybook (2003)


It looks like jazz was still in Linda's system after she recorded 2002's "Gold". And I still have Linda in my own system! I get a little excited now in anticipation before I listen to each successive album, though 2003's "Storybook" took me by surprise. I was wondering why the music sounded so familiar, and as soon as I heard Track #2's "Is This Anyway To Fall In Love?", I quickly realized that "Storybook" is a partial re-issue of 1994's "And So Much More"--Linda's first jazz album--as eight of these fifteen songs also appeared on that same album (re-recordings or direct CD remasters--I can't be sure). Then of the seven new recordings: they're all fantastic as always. I immediately got hooked to the very first one, "One Bad Habit" (I really love those uptempo jazz numbers) and the beautiful, dreamy title track (sounds like something you'd hear in a romance movie or theater production and I love the soft piano/harmonica instrument combo). The 'storybook' concludes in grand style with the astounding operatic French tune "Vole Mon Ange", which means "Fly My Angel" (I cheated this time using the Google translator). Linda performing both jazz and opera on the same album? Simply too awesome to put it into words:

1. One Bad Habit
2. Is This Anyway To Fall In Love?
3. 'Til You Come Back To Me
4. Where Are You Now?
5. The Man That Got Away
6. If He Never Said Hello
7. Smile
8. When I Look In Your Eyes
9. All The Way
10. Storybook
11. I Don't Remember
12. When I Look At You
13. Bridge Over Troubled Water
14. Let Him Fly
15. Vole Mon Ange

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