Monday, August 2, 2010

Marc Jordan-Cool Jam Black Earth (1996)


Ever since my friend Deven reminded me of Marc Jordan when he had me listen to "Edge Of The World" from 1990's "Conserve Our World (C.O.W.)", I've been excited about putting up the rest of my Marc Jordan albums for him, as I don't believe he's heard the other ones. As I was listening to some of Rick Price's "Tambourine Mountain" this afternoon, I was thinking about Marc Jordan and how he also had those early rock n' roll roots before smoothing out his sound in favor of a more laid-back pop style as he progressed through the 90's. So all of this brings me to 1996's "Cool Jam Black Earth", a fine piece of relaxing music with Marc's superb voice to keep you company throughout the whole ride. I like the very first song, "I'll Be Your Priest", the most because of its peaceful, ambient sound that just kind of moves the song along nicely before the voices of the gospel choir on backing vocals accentuates things by putting a magnificent exclamation mark on at the tail end. The title track is cool, too, though it's actually more of a spoken monologue with beautiful jazz music playing in the background; this one is perfect for those lonely, late-night, wee-hour-of-the-morning moments when you need for your mind to drift off to some other place:

1. I'll Be Your Priest
2. Spain
3. Let Me Be Your Boat
4. Beautiful Disguise
5. Runaway Heart
6. Catch The Moon
7. Cool Jam Black Earth
8. Flowers For Jade
9. Fatih

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