Monday, August 2, 2010

Matt Goss-Early Side Of Later (2004)


Now here's a guy who's voice I hadn't heard in a looooooooong time! Matt Goss is one third of the late 80's English boyband BROS, although technically, you could say 'one half' since BROS (which is pronounced 'brawce', and not 'broze', by the way) had went from being a trio down to a duo by the early 90's when they disbanded. BROS was a wonderful pop group; my favorite song of theirs, "When Can I Be Famous?" plays around in my head as I write. My Russian friend Oleg apparently likes them too, because he keeps at least one of their albums, 1989's "The Time", on vinyl. But furthermore, he recently requested Matt Goss's solo discography. 1995's "The Key" was the one he wanted more than anything, but the only ones I have at the moment are Matt's post-New Millennium releases. The first one is 2004's "Early Side Of Later", and Oleg asked if I thought this album sounded anything like the three albums that BROS released during the band's four-year stint together. After hearing these eleven tracks for myself, I must say the answer to that is 'no', but it's not a negative response to the music, which obviously should be expected to change and coincide with current music trends; it's been over a decade since he performed with BROS, after all. I so love the fresh acoustic guitar pop sound that Matt presents here; that, his soulful vocals and top-notch production result in a handful of beautiful songs--none of them being more beautiful than the pair of my favorite melodies, Track #3's "Caroyln" and Track #7's "We Can't Lose":

1. Fly
2. Watch Me Fall
3. Carolyn
4. Face The Wind
5. Many Roads
6. Just For A Chance
7. We Can't Lose
8. Perfect Girl
9. Best Part Of Me
10. Fever
11. Goodbye

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