Monday, August 2, 2010

Matt Goss-GOSSY (2009)


"GOSSY" is the newest album release by the English singer.....and I had to get this one for myself after my friend Oleg asked me about Matt Goss's discography and after I had a chance to check out 2004's "Early Side Of Later". Once you hear the first five or six songs, you'll quickly realize that the music on "GOSSY" sounds much different than the acoustic guitar pop sound featured on his previous full-length studio album. The singles that Matt released after "Early Side Of Later" most likely foreshadowed that a new pop music direction was in store. And, to answer the same question that Oleg had asked me before: the music is, once again, totally different than anything Matt released while he was still performing with BROS in the late 80's and early 90's. I would almost say that "GOSSY" is a unique fusion of jazz, funk and pop, but I can't quite pinpoint the exact genre; all I can say is that "GOSSY" has that 'classy' pop sound, which distinguishes itself from the mainstream modern pop trends. This is undoubtedly my favorite Matt Goss album so far since he's gone solo, and I absolutely love these group of songs--especially my favorites: "Into The Sunset", "If We're Lost" and "Pins And Needles" (this one has a unique, 'trippy' jazz/funk sound with a lovely piano/trumpet accompaniment mixed in). The single for Track #3's "Evil" was released separately, but I thought I would include it here, though minus the album version to avoid duplication; the beat for the awesome 6+ minute 'Club Mix', at least in the very beginning before the vocals and everything else kicks in, reminds me of Amii Stewart's 1978 disco classic, "Knock On Wood":

1. The Day We Met
2. Along For The Ride
3. Evil
4. Don't Wanna Be Your Angel
5. Take Me Home
6. Change Me
7. Into The Sunset
8. If We're Lost
9. Our Time
10. Firefly
11. Pins And Needles
12. Mr. Read
13. A Song For You

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

14. Evil [Dave Aude Club Mix]
15. Evil [Dave Aude Radio Remix]
16. Evil [Instrumental]

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