Monday, August 2, 2010

Matt Goss-It's The End Of The Road (2006)


"It's The End Of The Road" was Matt Goss's third non-album single, though technically, it should probably be just his second, as 2004's "I Need The Key" is credited as being a song released by the Italian production team, MINIMAL CHIC. And when I say single, I mean exactly that literally--there's only one song without any additional remixes or other other songs to go along with it (just like my posts of E.G. Daily's two singles--"Breath Of Heaven" and "Changing Faces"). "It's The End Of The Road" is another beautiful song, and it's interesting to note that it was produced by famed r&b singer/songwriter Babyface, whom I can almost hear singing this song himself because of the flow of the lyrics:

1. It's The End Of The Road

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