Monday, August 2, 2010

MC Lars-The Graduate (2006)


The Internet is, without a doubt, the easiest and most convenient place to get exposed to new music. But even when you're not online and just go through your normal everyday routine, chances are you'll get exposed to something while you're watching television, driving around in your car, shopping at the mall, working on the job or even sitting down in the doctor's office--but especially at the workplace, where there's often a blending of different people from various backgrounds with different interests and unique personalities. While I was at my job a few weeks ago, I myself was exposed to parody rap/hip-hop artist MC Lars for the first time--thanks to one of my co-workers, who has an ear for punk rock, garage rock and anything else that's witty, wacky, wild or outrageous. There's always something cool playing on his cell phone's music playlist, and after telling me about MC Lars, he played a couple of songs for me--one of them including Track #10's "Internet Relationships" (a song about how trying to hook up with people online can be a dangerous pasttime and lead to unexpected results), which was so addictively funny (wait until you hear the part about the girl who only has one leg) that I ended up putting it on my iPod and eventually getting the whole album. Including that hilarious song, my other favorites are "The Roommate From Hell", "Ahab" (this one has a groovy disco-like dance beat) and "Space Game" (the mentioning of such recognizable figures in science fiction like Darth Vader of the Star Wars movies; Vulcans, Q, Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk, and the Borg from the Star Trek series; and Magento from the X-MEN comic book series--plus the 'Space Invaders' video game sound effects--made this one a lot of fun). 2006's "The Graduate" is chock full of intelligent lyrics and amusing stories about real-life people, places and things in pop culture that the modern generation can relate to--all told in a smart but savvy way from the point of view of an ex-college student:

1. Download This Song
2. The Roommate From Hell [ft. MC Chris]
3. 21 Concepts
4. Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock [ft. The Matches]
5. Rapgirl
6. Generic Crunk Rap
7. Ahab
8. iGeneration
9. If I Had A Time Machine, The World Would Be Fresh
10. Internet Relationships
11. Space Game
12. The Dialogue [ft. ILL BILL of Non-Phixion]
13. Six Degrees Of Kurt Cobain
14. Signing Emo

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