Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rick Price-Heaven Knows (1992)


"Heaven Knows" is the fine debut album by this Australian rocker, and this marks the beginning of my mini-feature on his discography as recently requested by a blog visitor. It's interesting that 'Heaven Knows' is the title because I seem to think that Rick Price sounds a lot like another one of my favorite rockers, Richard Marx, whose 1987 hit "Heaven Only Knows" just so happens to nearly share the exact name as Rick's debut album, so that's what prompted me to make this long-winded comparison. I love this album because it sounds so much like classic mid-80's rock n' roll, and to me, all rock music from the 80's does indeed 'rock', no matter who's singing! "Walk Away Renee" continues to be the song that grabs me the most as I'm always a big sucker for those mellow but moving songs. And now that I've been reminded about his music again, it's a safe bet that I'll be taking 1992's "Heaven Knows" for another ride around the block over the next few days and repeating the song "Walk Away Renee" until it becomes almost as scary as the number of times I've replayed "Destination" from the 2009 Leonid Rudenko album that I put up here last night:

1. What's Wrong With That Girl?
2. Not A Day Goes By
3. A House Divided
4. Heaven Knows
5. Walk Away Renee
6. Church On Fire
7. Life Without You
8. Foolin' Myself
9. Forever Me And You
10. Fragile

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