Monday, August 2, 2010

Rick Price-If You Were My Baby (1993)


Now for Part 2 of my mini-feature on Rick Price. His second album, "If You Were My Baby", was released just one year after his breakout debut, and there's a very noticeable difference between the two: whereas 1992's "Heaven Knows" had that signature loud 80's rock n' roll sound, Rick's 1993 effort is so much more laid back and calmer, if the words 'Acoustic Version' tagged onto three of the songs on this track-listing are any indication. In fact, these acoustic versions, plus the live versions of "Fragile" and "Walk Away Renee" (I like this quieter version just as much as the other 'plugged' version), are remakes of the same songs that Rick performed on his debut. The other six tracks, then, are entirely new originals (back in 1993, of course). But my favorite among the sextet, Rick's dreamy duet with Margaret Ulrich--"Where Is The Love?", is way too short at five seconds shy of three minutes; without the lyrics, that one would've made such a wonderful instrumental jazz tune by itself:

1. We've Got Each Other
2. Where Are You Now?
3. If You Were My Baby
4. Wishin'
5. Heaven Knows [Acoustic Version]
6. Tenterfield Soldier
7. Not A Day Goes By [Acoustic Version]
8. Walk Away Renee [Live]
9. Fragile [Live]
10. What's Wrong With That Girl? [Acoustic Version]
11. Where Is The Love? [duet with Margaret Ulrich]

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