Monday, August 2, 2010

Rick Price-Tambourine Mountain (1995)


Part 3 of my Rick Price 'mini-series' continues with 1995's "Tambourine Mountain", which seems to be one of Rick's most popular albums. A friend living in the Philippines had mentioned this one to me several months ago, and I didn't think about it anymore until Rick Price's music was requested. I gotta give thanks to my good friend Kashif (or 'Dr. K', as he prefers) for sending me his version since, as has happened to me much too often in the past, I lost my own copy. "Tambourine Mountain" is probably my favorite Rick Price album to date (or maybe a tie for first place with 1992's "Heaven Knows"); I just really like the sound and appreciate his vocals more on this one; it's sorta like a country style of pop, and again, it shows a much laid back, calmer side to the Australian idol than in his earlier rock n' roll days. And speaking of Australian idols, I was completely oblivious to the fact that pop sensation Tina Arena had appeared on here as a guest vocalist on the beautiful guitar-driven duet, "Trust Me This Is Love"; this is a really nice song that kind of reminds me of a faster version of "Love Will Keep Us Alive"--another beautiful song performed by the legendary rock band, THE EAGLES, back in 1994. "River Of Love" and "Bridge Building Man" (I love the harmonica and the jazzy, tavern-like groove) are my other two favorites:

1. To Be With U
2. River Of Love
3. I Wanna Mean Something To U
4. You're Never Alone
5. Bridge Building Man
6. Strangers
7. Since I Met U
8. Foolish Heart
9. Trust Me This Is Love [with Tina Arena]
10. Sure Close To Lonely Tonight
11. Love Never Dies
12. You're Never Alone [Single Version]
13. Nothing Can Stop Us Now

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