Sunday, August 1, 2010

RINGO-Shoot Your Shot (1986)


Here's a little bit of Italo-disco from the 80's. Another good music friend of mine, DJ Nell (as he prefers to be called), introduced me to this obscure band several months ago while I was still running "The Music Nexus: Reloaded". The first time he mentioned them to me, I thought he had been referring to the British rock legend Ringo Starr and not the Italo-disco group, of which I know very little about. I just like the songs that appear on their 1986 single, "Shoot Your Shot"--the title track itself and the B-side hit, "Imagination". I've also included a couple of remixes; Nell was especially thankful when I found the extended version of "Imagination" for him. And in return, he provided me with the original vinyl cover to this album, which would have probably remained missing had it not been for him:

1. Shoot Your Shot [Original Horror Version]
2. Imagination

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

3. Shoot Your Shot [Edit]
4. Imagination [Extended]

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