Monday, August 2, 2010

Shanice-Inner Child (1991)


Ah, here's another singer whose music I guess one could say I'm in love with--Shanice Wilson, who is better known as her abbreviated stage name, Shanice. I used to hear her beautiful song, "I Love Your Smile", on the radio all the time way back when I was still in middle school,and this song continued to stick with me all the way through my high school years, post-high school years and up until now--definitely one of my most memorable songs from the early 90's. I love this song so much that I even wanted the instrumental version, which is among the bonus tracks that you'll find taken from this song's single. Then the other song I marvel about all the time is her cover of Minnie Riperton's unforgettable 1975 classic, "Lovin' You", which is gotta be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my entire life. Of course, coming from the 90's, Shanice's version is jazzed-up a bit, and it sounds absolutely great! But going back and listening to the other songs, I'd forgotten just how good the production and Shanice's voice work together is on this album--especially on jams like "Forever In Your Love" (I like the eerie Middle Eastern/Egyptian-sounding melody that's included at various points of the song and mixes in well with the beat), "Peace In The World" and "You Ain't All That" (the cheeky dialogue between Shanice and the guy towards the end of the song makes this a fun one). Old-school music lovers will love this album!

1. Keep Your Inner Child Alive [Interlude]
2. I Love Your Smile
3. Forever In Your Love
4. I'm Cryin'
5. I Hate To Be Lonely
6. Stop Cheatin' On Me
7. Silent Prayer
8. Peace In The World
9. Lovin' You
10. You Ain't All That
11. Shanice & Mookie Meet Homey [Interlude]
12. You Didn't Think I'd Come Back This Hard
13. You Were The One
14. I Love Your Smile [Hakeem's Mix]
15. Goodnight [Interlude]

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

16. I Love Your Smile [Driza Bone Single Remix]
17. I Love Your Smile [Driza Bone Club Mix]
18. I Love Your Smile [Driza Bone Dub Mix]
19. I Love Your Smile [Original Single Version]
20. I Love Your Smile [Extended Version]
21. I Love Your Smile [Instrumental]

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