Sunday, August 1, 2010

SO WHAT-Face Yourself (1989)


I had to go back to the 80's for a moment and put up the debut album by the Swedish pop duo, SO WHAT, which was recently recommended to me by my good friend Oleg. He tells me that he always tries to find things that fit the style of my blog, and 1989's "Face Yourself" is one that fits it so well. He had sent me a video to watch via Youtube--I'm not sure if it was of Track #1's "No One" of Track #7's "Why Should I Trust You?", as both of these songs sound exactly the same except for the lyrics--but I fell in love with both and wanted to have the complete album. SO WHAT's Eurodisco pop style is very reminiscent of the style used by the Stock-Aitken-Waterman mega production team from the 80's, and it was those producers whom I thought produced the songs on this album. So when you hear these songs, you'll be reminded of artists like BROTHER BEYOND (SO WHAT sounds like these guys the most, I think), Rick Astley, YELL or JOHNNY HATES JAZZ. "Won't Somebody Tell Me" is another favorite of mine form this album, and I'm sure that, just like "No One" and :Why Should I Trust You?", it was a big hit on the radio back then:

1. No One
2. Won't Somebody Tell Me
3. You And I (Natalie)
4. There's A Devil
5. Face Yourself
6. Why Should I Trust You?
7. Don't Ever Leave Me This Way
8. I Was Lucky
9. Christmas Is Calling
10. Why Should I Trust You? [Trust The Music Mix]
11. I Was Lucky [To The Top Mix]

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