Monday, August 2, 2010

SODA-Popaholic (2001)


Ah, I like this cover to 2001's "Popaholic" album...and the little play on the word 'alcohol', too, which is appropriate since it looks like the lead singer is standing behind a bar counter at some club--a perfect setting for someone who is addicted to alcohol, or in this case, pop music. This cover is actually an alternate version of the original, which only shows the girl and none of her bandmates. For the second straight album, the music begins with a short instrumental introduction called "The Return" (here, it's spelled "Da'Return") to get you amped up for the music that follows. Lyrics-wise, "Popaholic" is a little less 'bubblegum' than 2000's "Popcorn" and 1999's "Sodapop" (Track #8's bright and sunny "Mediterranean Boy" is about as bubblegum as the music gets this time), but you can still feel the jubilant and happy-go-lucky vibe coming from these ten songs. "Born To Love You" became an instant favorite in a heartbeat, and so did Track #10's sweet melody "Hush"--the only slow song of the pack:

1. Da'Return
2. Hurricane
3. Waiting For You
4. I Wanna Hold You Now
5. Born To Love You
6. Next 2 Go
7. So Good
8. Mediterranean Boy
9. My Life
10. Hush

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