Monday, August 2, 2010

SWEET OBSESSION-Sweet Obsession (1988)


At the end of last night's post of the "Iron Eagle II" soundtrack, I mentioned I was going to look up all of the artists that were unfamiliar to me. The quest actually started the day before I even made that post, as I was determined to find anything by SWEET OBSESSION on the wings of hearing "Take These Chains". It's easy to get this all-female trio mixed up with the girl group named SWEET SENSATION (I almost typed the latter name instead of the correct name at least a couple of different times during this post myself), but SWEET SENSATION has a Freestyle pop sound while, as I gathered after listening to the eight songs on their self-titled debut album, SWEET OBSESSION has a more of an r&b pop sound. This one appears to be another rarity, too, so I fully expect that all Internet searches for it will eventually lead to the Conflux very soon. Not only does it have "Take These Chains", the song that I'm now so crazy about; it also has some other fun songs like "Cash Money" and "I Would Never Do You Wrong" (let the lyrics tell it all):

1. React
2. Cash Money
3. I Would Never Do You Wrong
4. Gonna Get Over You
5. Somebody Is Tapping
6. Take These Chains
7. Being In Love Ain't Easy
8. I Am A Girl (The Lonely One)

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