Monday, August 2, 2010

SWEET OBSESSION-Sweet Obsession Too (1991)


I'm still so excited over SWEET OBSESSION's "Take These Chains" from their debut album that I had to begin my June postings with their final studio album, "Sweet Obsession Too". This is another one of those fun old-school albums (the cheeky spoken comments that the ladies add throughout the lyrics contribute to the enjoyment even more), and just three songs into it, I found another jam that I fell in love with--Track #3's "Don't Play In The Traffic". Then I fell in love with another one at the very end--the powerful and moving gospel-tinged ballad, "I'm A Good Woman Looking For A Good Man", which is sung with so much earnest and passion that it'll convince you that the ladies are surely determined to get what their after no matter what. Oh yeah, and then there's the exciting lead-off dance track, "Elevator", with its addictive funky beat and the 'soaring' sound effects. Indeed, the music that I've been treated to by this lovely trio has become my sweet obsession:

1. Elevator
2. Busted
3. I Don't Play In The Traffic
4. Let Me Love You
5. I Depend On Me
6. It Tortures Me
7. Give Me All My Love Back
8. I Want To Know
9. Secret Society Of Love
10. I'm A Good Woman Looking For A Good Man

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