Monday, August 2, 2010

TASTE OF JOY-Trigger Fables (1995)


Here's the name of the band that started all of the confusion that I mentioned a couple of posts ago--TASTE OF JOY. This was a short-lived four-member Canadian pop band that originated sometime in the mid-90's, but I'm afraid I don't know very much about them other than the information currently available at the Last FM website. Actually, alternative rock n' roll might be a better description for TASTE OF JOY's music style, and I would say they sound like a more modern version of the 80's girl band, THE BANGLES--mostly because of the soft, simple vocals of lead singer Michelle Gould (who herself sounds like Sheryl Crow, Donna Lewis or any of those other singers with 'hushed' voices), which contrasts nicely with the guitar pop sound. The end result is a batch of simple melodies that I think are very soothing and pleasing to the ears with Track #8's "Lying" being my favorite song amongst the twelve:

1. Gun Pointed
2. Maybe In Time
3. Hands Are Tied
4. So Long
5. Over The Snow
6. Go
7. Dear John
8. Lying
9. Went To Jail
10. Afraid Of Falling
11. Loaded
12. Blood Divine

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