Monday, August 2, 2010

TOUCH OF JOY-Dance To The Rhythm (1998)


There might be a little bit of confusion concerning the Belgian Eurodance team known as TOUCH OF JOY, because there certainly was some for me. My friend Leo had requested their discography, but had named the duo 'TASTE OF JOY' instead of 'TOUCH OF JOY'. Turns out that both of these names are correct. According to the Discogs music database and from what I was told by Katerina from the POP+NATION site (over at, however, TASTE OF JOY is also the name of a Canadian pop band, and TOUCH OF JOY ended up changing their name to what is is now. So then, as far as I know, TOUCH OF JOY has only released one album under their old name--1995's rare "Together Forever". All of their other releases seem to have been released under their changed name, and one of those includes 1998's "Dance To The Rhythm". I'm starting with this one because Katerina already has posted three of TOUCH OF JOY's albums on her blog: 1996's "Keep On Moving", 1997's "Enjoy" and 2000's "Don't Say It's Over", so I agreed that I would post the ones that she was missing. I've listened to "Keep On Moving" previously and enjoyed it very much, and I have to say the same for "Dance To The Rhythm"; the title track, the funky feel-good tune "Let's Go Crazy", and the heavily-synthesized, mostly-instrumental club groove "Are Friends Electric?" are my favorite picks here:

1. Feel All Right
2. You've Got To Try
3. Give Me Freedom
4. I'm On Fire
5. One Day
6. Dance To The Rhythm
7. Make My Day
8. What Am I Gonna Do?
9. I Can't Live
10. It's All Right It's All Right
11. Get Down On It
12. Let's Go Crazy
13. Are Friends Electric?

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