Monday, August 2, 2010

TOUCH OF JOY-The Greatest Hits (2001)


TOUCH OF JOY's "Greatest Hits" album is the other piece of the Belgian duo's discography that Katerina was missing, so this one's for her (and for my friend Leo). I did some checking, and saw that all fourteen of the tracks come from their four studio albums--well, technically three, as "Keep On Moving", "Enjoy", "Please Don't Go" and "Wild" all come from both 1996's "Keep On Moving" and 1997's "Enjoy". So while there aren't any 'new' recordings, the final four tracks, which all come from 2000's "Don't Say It's Over" (one of the albums I haven't heard yet before making this post), actually are new to me, with "Fox On The Run" and the uptempo melody "Give It Up Give It In" being my favorites. I had hoped that TOUCH OF JOY's cover of the Joe Jocker/Jennifer Warnes classic, "Up Where We Belong", which appears on their debut, would also be found here (TOUCH OF JOY's more modern pop version sounds so good--check it out!), but the songs they did choose to include are just fine with me:

1. Keep On Moving
2. Don't Give It Up
3. Come On And Get Up
4. Enjoy
5. Please Don't Go
6. Wild
7. Feel All Right
8. Give Me Freedom
9. I'm On Fire
10. Let's Go Crazy
11. I Can't Let You Go
12. Fox On The Run
13. It's On You
14. Give It Up Give It In

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