Thursday, June 16, 2011

Erik Wøllo-Wind Journey (2001)


Imagine this: climbing aboard a hot air balloon, preparing to embark on a nice relaxing voyage that will take you up into the deep blue sky, through the clouds and high above the waters and the earth......floating away to some land that you only read about in make-believe storybook tales..... Or maybe you just want to drift along in the open air to escape the usual sights and sounds of human civilization for a while. I invite you to ride along with me on such a voyage—"Wind Journey", the tenth in a long series of ambient electronic music releases by the Norwegian musician and composer, Erik Wøllo. The selections he has compiled here seem like they were purposely intended to put listeners into the stress-free zone.....a state of ease and peace of mind.....and that's what this journey is all about. I wanted to stay at "Blue Moon", my favorite stop along the way, for an eternity, but the journey was just starting to take off. Many of the twenty-three selections, in fact, will remind you of nature: the rushing air amidst the light guitar melody in "Spring Poem", the trickling water and chirping birds at the end of "Distant View" leading into "Huldra 2" or the arctic winds of "Frost" (one of my favorites). But the what goes up must go down, and even a journey along a hot-air balloon must come to an end.....though it doesn't have to end with an abrupt halt. When you get to get to Track #19's "Passage Of Time", you're prepared for your smooth landing back into civilization with the sounds of cars and a subway train rushing past you; still, the song keeps things calm. Then after you pass through the "Aurora Borealis" and break through the "Cloudscapes", you get one last peaceful moment at "Home", wherever that happens to be:

1. Beginning
2. Wind Journey
3. Blue Moon
4. Dream Lines
5. Going North
6. Awakening
7. Insula
8. Wind Journey 2
9. Sea
10. Open Land
11. Spring Poem
12. Rain
13. Distant View
14. Huldra 2
15. Early Autumn
16. Frost
17. Winter Shine
18. Winter Lake
19. Passage Of Time
20. Destination
21. Aurora Borealis
22. Cloudscapes
23. Home

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