Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MDO-Little Piece Of Heaven (2001)


From the 'awesome' U.K. boyband to the awesome Puerto Rican boyband, the guys who broke away from the legendary MENUDO (which is best remembered for spawning Latin pop sensation Ricky Martin) and reformed as MDO in the late 90's have released only one English album in their 10+ years of existence—2001's "Little Piece Of Heaven". I'd been wanting to get my hands on it for a long time—one because I love boybands, and two, because I love music with a Spanish flavor and/or music that contains Spanish lyrics. Came across one version of it previously, though it had sub-par quality. But thanks once again to my friend Adriana, I now have a better copy of it, and with her permission, I'm featuring it here as my next post-Halloween treat of the night. My listening experience of MDO is quite brief; I've heard parts of two of their Spanish albums—I think it was "Subir Al Cielo" and "Otra Vez"?—so I had some familiarity with their sound prior to hearing these songs. With MDO, you not only get the great vocal harmony and the tight r&b/pop grooves that you get with most other boybands, but you also get those signature lively Latin dance rhythms that really make you want to get up and move to the music, like with "Baila", which itself means 'dance', and "Tonight, Te Amaré" (the Spanish half of that title means 'I'll love you'). Don't feel like moving yet? Try something on a slower tempo like the soothing melody "My Love Was There All The Time" or "So Hard To Forget", which is a magnificent performance that concludes in grand fashion. There's a trio of tunes I really dig because of the creativity of the beats—"Just A Little Piece Of Heaven", for starters, then "Something About You" and "An Angel Cries". "Magic Carpet Ride" is a fun song—beautiful lyrics (I like the 'Oh yeah!' part, great vocals, plus the fusion of the Spanish guitar, the lively piano, and the occasional sounds of the accordion all play equal parts in making this one magical indeed:

1. Just A Little Piece Of Heaven
2. Es La Cosa
3. Baila
4. So Hard To Forget
5. Lock All The Doors
6. Someone Help Me!
7. Tonight, Te Amaré
8. Something About You
9. My Love Was There All The Time
10. An Angel Cries
11. Magic Carpet Ride

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