Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BOLLAND & BOLLAND-Silent Partners (1984)


Addiction alert! Addiction alert! Every 80's pop music lover who hasn't yet become acquainted with the Dutch duo BOLLAND & BOLLAND needs to check them out! But.....don't say I didn't warn you! My Russian buddy Oleg must've secretly known what he was doing when he recommended them to me; perhaps he was among these 'silent partners' he co-conspired with that eventually influenced me to go out and get the Dutch duo's third studio. The catchy beat to opening track, "Images", as well as the vocals of our said duo, had provoked a little bit of interest while I was multi-tasking and not exactly concentrating to the music like I wanted, and it stayed that way for the next three successive tracks. But once I got to the album's fifth track, "Night Of The Shooting Stars", well, let's just say I was mentally jumping for joy and ready to shoot to the moon myself! This extremely enticing bouncy pop/rock beat and the sing-along chorus are what finally got my attention, and from that point on, my attention, needless to say, was no longer being divided! I'd eventually come back to that immediately-declared #1 favorite later on with the extended remix at the end (the long, drawn-out instrumentals are simply marvelous!).....and I'm sure there'll be many more rewinds of it on the digital jukebox in the hours and says ahead! Having gotten a thrilling kick out of "Night Of The Shooting Stars", I experienced even more thrills on the peppy follow-up, "Ten American Girls", which I cite as one of the album's best production and sound wise; the girls in the background merrily cheering 'Hey-oh!' and 'Whoa-oh!' at different points of the main chorus adds to the song's entertainment appeal. Caught on to "See You Again" in an instant, too; this time, the melody was the culprit, especially the soft, relaxing ambiance created by the woodwind piece&mash;flute or piccolo, I can't be sure. Had thought "All Systems Go Go" was the same 80's hit recorded by the late Queen Of Disco, Donna Summer—that is, until I read the extra 'Go' in the songs' title. Having read that BOLLAND & BOLLAND had been recognized for their compositions and production credits, it made me understand the slight shift in the music flow with this particular song. It ventures out into the world of electronic music with its spacey, almost cosmic feel, causing me to conjure up images of any number of those old sci-fi movies from the 80's. Makes for a nice soundtrack piece, for sure. I feel like I have to go back up towards the top to re-listen to songs #2 through #4 to fully complete my first journey with BOLLAND AND BOLLAND, but considering that I've yet to have my fill of "Night Of The Shooting Stars" after three or four listens now, that journey wasn't going to be completed any time soon anyway:

1. Images
2. The Boat
3. Blind Ambition
4. Innocent Man
5. Night Of The Shooting Stars
6. Ten American Girls
7. Imagination
8. See You Again
9. Feels So Good
10. All Systems Go Go
11. The Boat - Ultra Panic [Remix]
12. Night Of The Shooting Stars [Extended]
13. Imagination [Extended]
14. All Systems Go Go [Technostructure Mix]

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