Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Martin-The Dearest (2009)


Got about thirty minutes of time to spare tonight? If so, then maybe you'll spend some of it writing a letter addressed to Swedish singer Martin Edvardsson, the opening line reading something like this: 'Dear Martin, I wanted to express how much I enjoyed listening to your 2009 album, "The Dearest"'. Of course, you'd have to actually listen to the album first before you decided upon forwarding that communication to him, whether it be via postal mail or electronically. This day in age, most of us prefer the latter, so while you're online preparing to type up those comments of gratitude and appreciation that I know you're gonna give to him, take a moment to read the remarks and praises that yours truly has typed up about him right here at "The Music Spectrum". I love my Swedish pop music, and listening to the nine songs here on "The Dearest" came especially just in time, as I was getting ready for a return to my 80's flashback. I haven't known Martin for very long, but I'm guessing that his electronic music style had to have been influenced by THE PET SHOP BOYS, ERASURE, Howard Jones or any number of those successfully popular synthpop artists I adored—and still adore—from my favorite decade. Could it be, then, that Martin will emerge as one of the planet's next synthpop music extraordinaires? Perhaps he already has! I was instantly drifted away up into the heavens with the melodic dreaminess to the opening track, "The Calling", and as soon as I heard the first lyrics coming from Martin's soothing voice, I felt as if I'd flown to even loftier heights. One of those songs that'll get stuck in your head for sure! And looking back now on "The Calling"—and on the rest of the songs on this album, for that matter—I really have no idea what Martin was singing about. It's that 80's syndrome I have when I get so caught up in the beat and the sound that I'm not exactly paying attention to what's being said. And that's okay by me; Martin could've been singing about cows alligators flying over the moon or about having nightmares about killer turtles and I still would've adored all of these songs! Plenty of time to get the real meanings to all of the lyrics later on. That being said, Track #4's "All Time Low" is another favorite of mine because, as with "The Calling", the melody just 'calls' out to me; it's just so nice, and I got caught up in its dreaminess in an instant. May as well say the same about "He's A Stranger" (it's Martin's whispery voice that totally does it for me here, plus the subtle bass line that kicks in once the song has moved pass the introductory sequences) and "Clear Conditions". And for the dance lovers out there, the ambiance and the light synthpop breaks out into a techno/disco frenzy on the concluding piece called "Compensate". Finished writing that letter yet? Martin probably already has tons of fan mail to sift through, and he might have another hundred or so letters flooding his mailbox once the world gets wind of this fun album:

1. The Calling
2. American In Me
3. We Are
4. All Time Low
5. Ideally
6. He's A Stranger
7. Sundrenched Season
8. Clear Conditions
9. Compensate

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