Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HUMAN BODY-Cosmic Round Up (1985)


Time to put some funk back into this 80's party! And that addiction warning I announced at the beginning of that BOLLAND & BOLLAND post? Well, it's being extended for at least the opening title track to the first and only album by the r&b trio HUMAN BODY. Don't know who these guys are? I didn't either up until a few years back, but you may be familiar with the man whom this group is associated with: Roger Troutman, one of the early pioneers of using the voice box in his music. Though after you've gotten all caught up in the glitzy electro-funkiness of "Cosmic Round Up", HUMAN BODY is a name you'll never forget! First time I heard this jam, I was totally blown away by its dazzling production! Synthesizers on steroids—that's how I'd like to describe it! The distorted voices, the country-sounding banjo/guitar adding a little Western 'round-em-up-cowboy' zing, the digital sound effects (my favorites are the ones that sound like missiles being dropped from the sky on those old 8-bit arcade games from the 80's)—the end result is a cool fusion of electronic textures that really do sound like they were inspired by the cosmos! Add to that the song's sweet melody, the soulful voices of all the singers involved and the catchy hook, and you've got a fantastic jam that'll make you wish the 80's were still here! Instrumentals and/or extended remixes of "Comic Round Up"? Wish there were some! I don't blame you if you listened to just that one and forgot about the album's remaining seven tracks—I did the first time myself!—but you might be robbing yourself of some other cool jams! Such as my #2 favorite, "Gimme What You Got", which comes about this close (picture me curling my index finger and thumb into a very small pinch) to sounding like "Cosmic Round Up". Plenty of wild, crazy and fun synthesized sound effects on this one, too, but at least a couple of things are different: the beat has a faster tempo, plus the music features more of a heavy rock-inspired sound (which makes me think of the Mick Jagger/Michael Jackson hit, "State Of Shock") than a funky, electro-dance sound. Still a jam any way you look at it! Or should I say, any way you listen to it? The most bizarre tune on this album: "DX3-T18". I have absolutely no clue about the significance of the alphanumeric title, and nor do I even know the guys are singing about in the lyrics, but the beat and the Pac-Man sound effects are enough to get me hooked on it, too! Even when the music slows down, the production still dazzles, and that's what Track #4's "Can We Touch?" did to me. It's safe to say, though, that after you've heard these songs and everything else up and in between, you'll be ready to pull the reins and saddle up for another round or two with "Cosmic Round Up":

1. Cosmic Round Up
2. Let Me Get You Wet
3. Desire
4. Can We Touch
5. Everything
6. DX3-T18
7. Gimme What You've Got
8. Dreams

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