Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paul Davis-Cool Night (1981)


From one artist whose first album doesn't sound anything like the 80's to an artist who just managed to squeeze in his final studio album back in the 80's. When the discography of the late Paul Davis was requested, I got the notion to put the spotlight back on him as well. And on this cool night—at least, much cooler as it has been lately here in St. Louis, thank goodness!—I present the only album of Paul's that I own called—what else?—"Cool Night". With absolutely no recollection of the music he performed back in the 70's, I can honestly say that all of the songs I've heard from this man are contained right here, and no other song on here brings back more memories of my musically diverse childhood than the cool track that opens everything up. How many times have I heard this beautiful classic on the soft rock radio channels in my lifetime? Too many to count! And each new moment with it always sounds lovelier than the last! The song's light melody and Paul's tender voice singing the lyrics just breathe with a special dreamy, romantic aura that warms the heart. And if you think I helped myself to about three or four rewinds with it before and while I was making this post to recapture the good times, you are absolutely correct! Then from that point, I went ahead and listened to the whole thing, quickly getting reminded on how much of the 80's I've either left behind or had forgotten about altogether. "You Come To Me": Now this is a song I know that 80's music lovers will meet with instant gratification! The melody, the beat and the whole classy rock vibe are sure to get you up and into the 80's spirit! And if you wanna stay in high spirits, you'll have all sorts of fun times with one of Paul's biggest hits, "'65 Love Affair", whose peppy uptempo beat has that infectious this-is-so-80's feel. The best parts about this song are hearing the deep, baritone speaking of 'Yeah' somewhere in the lyrics—it's quite humorous, actually—and the parts where the backup vocalists sing 'doo-wop, diddy-wop, diddy-wop, doo', especially during the beat drop. Didn't even remember that Paul had done a cover of THE SUPREMES classic, "Nathan Jones", but it was sure nice to hear him singing the familiar lyrics that I'd first heard on the cover by one of my favorite PWL artists, BANANARAMA. Totally wakes you up and gets you into the 80's excitement in the same fashion that "'65 Love Affair" does! And as cool, calm and collected that Paul is on the album's unforgettable title track, his vocal prowess on this album is best represented on "One More Time For The Lonely" and, another one of my top picks, "What You Got To Say About Love?". So lots of hot tracks to enjoy on this "Cool Night", and if you're not careful, you just may be up burning some midnight oil with it before long:

1. Cool Night
2. You Come To Me
3. One More Time For The Lonely
4. Nathan Jones
5. Oriental Eyes
6. '65 Love Affair
7. Somebody's Gettin' To You
8. Love Or Let Me Be Lonely
9. What You Got To Say About Love
10. We're Still Together

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