Friday, June 27, 2014

Gary Low-How Much (1987)


Oh how much I loved listening to "How Much"! That would be the second album by my newly-discovered Italian-born Italo-disco singer Gary Low. Well, technically, this is his fifth overall, considering that yesterday's featuring of "La Colegiala" is virtually identical to his 1983 debut, "Go On", while 1987's "How Much" is a remake of his 1985 effort, "Rien Ne Va Plus" (that's definitely not Spanish; looks French, or Italian even) with a mini-album entitled "Gary Low's Summer" sandwiched in between. Spent over a good hour listening to these tunes, and that was before I'd even gotten to the two bonus tracks of the album's sweet finale, "I Want You", of which I favorited as soon as I heard the melody and the howling voices of the background singers at the song's beginning and continued to favor because of the catchy main chorus, where Gary shows all the simple reasons why he wants to be with his special lady. And something about those lyrics to "I Want You" sound so familiar..... 'Instant catch', in fact, is the phrase that I would use to describe each and every one of the songs that come before it, because as soon as I heard the beat, I was already hooked! Credit the production team for making this album's brilliant title track come alive with the cheerful trumpet melody and that twinkly calypso bells accompaniment and for infusing lots of energy into the pop-tastic "My Way To Live", "What Are You Gonna Do?", "Don't Shout" and, a special treat for me personally, "Niña". Can you guess why "Niña" was a special treat for me? He's singing the lyrics in Spanish! No Latin salsa rhythm, but the groovy beat is C-R-A-Z-Y awesome! So if you don't know any Spanish, all you gotta do is just dance along and shout 'Niña!' when the background vocalists shout it during the main chorus, and you'll still gave a great time! And of the best words sung on "Words (That You Can't Understand)" are words that you really can't understand—the layered double-voicing of that 'shoo-do-do-doo' that makes you wanna sing along as soon as you hear it. So how much time do you have on your hands for music-listening tonight? If these are the types of 80's albums that excite you and make you want to play them repeatedly while you're driving or out and about, then you'll more than likely need more than just the hour that I spent with it:

1. My Intention
2. How Much
3. Words (That You Can't Understand)
4. My Way To Live
5. Niña
6. Don't Shout
7. What Are You Gonna Do?
8. I Want You

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

9. I Want You (Extended)
10. I Want You (Instrumental)

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