Saturday, June 28, 2014

GIPSY & QUEEN-Love & Passion (1991)


I'd gotten all relaxed and comfortable inside the ambient/electronic world of Larry Heard that I didn't think I would want to leave and embark on a new music adventure before the day came to a close. But my itching desire to jump back to my Italo-disco explorations got the best of me, and I ended up introducing myself to the duo known as GIPSY & QUEEN. What I thought would be just another casual listen ended up becoming another one of my latest music addiction when I got to the middle of the duo's second album, "Love & Passion". The high-energy Italo-disco synth-beat makes the first four tracks a lot to fun tunes to bop to, but I wouldn't start getting hooked to these two ladies until I got to "Love Is A Dreamland". The melody and the cute love lyrics give it a bubblegummy pop flavor that's really too sweet to pass up! Then add to that the fact that the girls sing together in perfectly timed unison, which reminds me of the style of my favorite 80's British girl group, BANANARAMA, and I was salivating for a repeat as soon as the song completed! The repeats, however, would wait until much later—after I'd gotten hooked to the pair of tunes following it: "Good Times" (that melody just gobbles me up!) and "Call Me", whose catchy main chorus and super-charged beat (I especially love that little synthesized accompaniment that echoes after every passing of the lyrics 'call me, baby call me, I want you') certainly put a delicious spark in my music taste buds and made me want to dance on the disco floor for real! At first, "Love Is A Dreamland" was the song getting stuck in my head, but now that attention has been shifted over to "Call Me". It's a wonderful thing, then, that a nice 6+ minute extended mix awaited me at the very end of the album:

1. Love And Passion
2. Maybe Tomorrow
3. Touch Me, Feel Me, Kiss Me
4. Energy
5. Love Is A Dreamland
6. Good Times
7. Call Me
8. Black Bird
9. Love And Passion (Extended Mix)
10. Touch Me, Feel Me, Kiss Me (Mix Version)
11. Call Me (Extended)

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