Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gloria Loring-Full Moon/No Hesitation (1988)


How about a glorious end to a glorious week of tunes at "The Music Spectrum"? That would be "Full Moon/No Hesitation", the sixth studio album by the former "Facts Of Life" TV theme song-performer, Gloria Loring. I had to throw in the part about the "Facts Of Life" there for nostalgic purposes.....and to inform other potential readers who may have been in the dark about the voice behind that memorable sitcom's theme song for years and years like I surely was! The cover artwork pictured above may appear a bit haunting, but what would really be haunting is you having missed out on checking out these eleven marvelous tunes that the album contains! 'Sooner or later, love's gonna getcha': that's the main idea in the lyrics found on the perky, upbeat opener. Then after that, it's the most beautiful of pop duets you'll hear: "One Love, One Heart (One Hand In Mine)", a romantically breezy number that Gloria sings with music icon and blue-eyed soul legend Bobby Caldwell. Things start to get a little spooky on the suspenseful title track thereafter—a chilling ghost story of sorts that has this sort of 'vampire in love' theme hovering over it. A perfect choice to include on a Halloween mix playlist, I'd say—that moody melody, which I especially like, being the main ingredient. Wanna hear a super-catchy pop song? Take on "Saved By Love", which I guarantee will become your next pop addiction. Those light-hearted, bouncy 80's tunes with the sweet melody, tender voices and the terrific saxophone instrumentals always get to me. As part of the lyrics to this song goes, this one truly is a soul celebration.....a celebration for your listening soul, that is! "Friends And Lovers" will always be the monumental ballad that stands as THE signature song hands-down for the "Facts Of Life" singer, but Track #5's "Someday", which starts off deceptively calm before progressing into a thunderous roar, is just as nearly an epic performance, thanks to sublime production and the addition of the backing choir for some soulicious vocal support. It really sneaks up on you as one of this album's sleeper hits! Shades of Halloween a second time on "New Moon Over Babylon"—that eerie melody creeping into your ears here again. But beyond the creepiness, the mood is actually quite happy and has an inspirational vibe to it—along the lines of looking forward to a brand new day. "Falling In Line"—another marvelous tune with a mellow sound and very nice pop/soft rock rhythm that serves as a good example of why I maintain this constant longing to relive the 80's. "I Will Celebrate You" isn't quite that lively party jam with that extreme bounce to it that many songs with the word 'celebrate' in its title are. Heart-warming and low key is this laid-back finger-snapper that has a little bit of swing and a whole lotta sting coming from the harmonious male backup singers, particularly the cool guy showing off the deep baritone. Oh, and I adore that harmonica—especially during the acappella movement at the very end. Yet there's not a song that warms the heart more than the peaceful, slow-tempo concluding piece, "A Song Of My Father". It's always these songs dedicated to one's parents or loved ones who have passed on that sound more special than anything else an artist sings:

1. Sooner Or Later
2. One Love, One Heart (One Hand In Mine)
3. Full Moon/No Hesitation
4. Saved By Love
5. Somebody
6. New Moon Over Babylon
7. Falling In Line
8. I Will Celebrate You
9. I Thought
10. Gotta Love Somebody
11. A Song Of My Father

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