Monday, June 30, 2014

Michael Fortunati-Fire (Fortunati's 3rd) (1989)


Fortunately, after a long and hard day, there was still time for me to relax and check out some new music before both the day and this month of June came to an end——'new' meaning 'a voice not heard before'. So I continued my Italo-disco explorations by listening to a randomly-selected album from Michael Fortunati's collection. Well, maybe it wasn't quite so randomly selected; something about the covert artwork to Michael's third album, "Fire", just caught my eye, so I just rolled with it. And let me say that, after my 40+ minutes of burning through this album, I will be surely 'rolling' with the rest of Fortunati's discography in due time! What is it about these Italian singers that makes them have such strong, charismatic voices? Fortunati certainly puts a spark into the spunky opener, "Don't Let Me Go", especially when he gets hip and tries his hand at a bit of rap midway through. Sizzles even more with the jazzy accompaniment and hearing that familiar 'oooh oooh!' that is frequently chanted by female background vocalists in disco songs, house jams and just dance music altogether (I most recently heard this put to great effect in the PWL hit "Let's All Chant" by PAT & MICK). The best 'A.B.C.' song I've heard since THE JACKSON FIVE is the album's second track, "A.B.C. (It's Called)". The highly-spirited main chorus and the cheerful melody kept me completely engulfed in its flames, and even as I write about it now, I can still feel some of its heat! Am I addicted to it yet? We're getting there, and it doesn't help that the song has a supremely catchy dance beat to go along with the fun love lyrics. And it's always fun to hear a singer performing lyrics in two different languages on the same track, or entirely in one language that isn't my native English tongue. Of course, I love my preferred Spanish, but hearing Fortunati showing off his tongue for French on "Dance Avec Moi" and his own native language of Italian on the sweet dance tune "Sara Cosi" is cool, too. The fire cools down on the album's second ballad, "Once Again", that burning passion in Fortunati's voice is all there, making the lyrics he sings sound so swell alongside the romantic melody. But before the album draws to a close, things heat one more time with with the final flame, the stunningly great title track itself—jazzed up and grooved up so nicely! I've burned through this one so many times already that the scorch marks are sure to be baking on my skin for the rest of my summer:

1. Don't Let Me Go
2. A.B.C. (It's Called)
3. Eva
4. Dance Avec Moi
5. Let Me Down
6. Sara Cosi
7. Tell Me Why
8. Once Again
9. Fire
10. Let Me Down [The Command Mix]

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