Sunday, July 20, 2014

AIKA-Hear Me Now (2001)


I wanted to make one more stop on my Eurodance trek, so I paid a visit to Scandanavia and hung out for a while with the Finnish Eurodance troupe AIKA. Not sure about the significance behind their name. Could be a Finnish word for something that only the group members know, or it could just be the initials of the members' names. And of course, I had to check out the group's only album of English recordings—2001's "Hear Me Now". I was bracing myself for some high-energy dance thrillers, yet I wouldn't get them on the album''s first couple of tracks. That's where I learned that one of the two female members is the lead singer of the group. Her sweet voice sounds quite lovely, particularly on the album's title track, which deals with her questioning her lover about intentionally hurting her feelings by saying goodbye and ending the relationship; it's pretty touching. She also sounds really nice later in the album on the slow piece "Love Is The Answer" and the mid-tempo cut "Honesty And Loyalty", whose orchestral overture in the beginning moments sets the tender mood for the four-and-a-half minutes of humbling, poetic sincerity that follows afterwards. But let me be honest in saying that I came here for the Eurodance jams, and I got a super charge out of the high-tech thriller "Give It All". Then backing up a few tunes before that is the album's second thriller, "Rock Me Baby", which is soon to be headed to my playlist of favorites. I like the simple, sweet love lyrics and the bouncy sing-along chorus—almost bubblegum in nature, but not as sticky and gooey. How about some "Glittering Lights" under the neon disco lights? The album's third track and my #1 favorite overall is full of them! Gotta love the bass line in the catchy disco groove! So hear me now—I've played this song about five times already and I still haven't heard it enough:

1. Wonder Why
2. Hear Me Now
3. Glittering Lights
4. Love Is The Answer
5. Rock Me Baby
6. Sunday Undercover
7. Baby Believe
8. Give It All
9. Honesty And Loyalty
10. Little By Little
11. Here In The Sunlight

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Juha Pekka said...

Aika = Time.

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