Saturday, July 5, 2014

BY ALL MEANS-By All Means (1988)


Should I take it back to the old school for a while? 'By all means!' I hear somebody in the "Music Spectrum" listening audience saying enthusiastically. So by way of electronic transmission via cyberspace, I serve up from my throwback collection the r&b trio who called itself BY ALL MEANS and their marvelously and souliciously jam-packed 1988 self-titled debut (whew, that was a lot of adjectives!). Those of you who know how much of a jazz music lover that I am and are also familiar with this trio will already know one of the main reasons why I'm so attracted to the songs on this album: that pretty piano and that sexy saxophone, which jazzes up big-beat jams like the mostly-instrumental groove party "We're Into This Groove", the mega-groovy "Somebody Save Me" (sure sounds like they were ready to jump into the 90's house era on this one!) and "Does It Feel Good To You?" (oh, yes it does!). But you can't have good old-school r&b without some great singing to go along with the jazzing up, and you get lots of it from one of the male members of the group, whose booming vocals captured me on the warm opener, "I Surrender To Your Love", and blew me away on "Somebody Save Me" as well as the seductively smooth slow jam coincidentally called "Slow Jam (Can I Have This Dance With You?)". Knew the latter would be a good one as soon as the music started, and I think I will go ahead and nominate it as your next 'Slow Jam Of The Night'. As for the lady in this trio, she provides some excellent backup on a favorite jam of mine, "You Decided To Go". Ever started to fall in love with somebody just when they were about to disappear from your life forever? Such is the concept presented in the heartbreaking lyrics here. "I'm The One Who Loves You": another great get-you-up-and-movin' jam with some pretty piano playing along with the beat. The title made me think about the MEL & KIM 80's hit similarly titled "I'm The One Who Really Loves You", which was also performed by a lovely singer whom I was introduced to a while back in Joan Orleans, also in the 80's. Looks like there were a lot of people back in that memorable decade who wanted to declare that they were the right choice for that special somebody. So by all means, if you haven't listened to this trio yet, listen to them today by any means necessary:

1. I Surrender To Your Love
2. I'm The One Who Loves You
3. You Decided To Go
4. I Believe In You
5. I Want To Thank You
6. Let's Get Started Now
7. Slow Jam (Can I Have This Dance With You?)
8. Somebody Save Me
9. Does It Feel Good To You?
10. We're Into This Groove

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