Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carmen Rasmusen-Carmen [EP] (2004)


Continuing where I left off with Taka Boom and 'booming' voices..... I have a little treat to share by a delightful country star who will blow you with her booming voice! Not sure if I remember ever seeing Season 2 "American Idol" contestant Carmen Rasmusen perform live on the show, but I sure got to hear some of her performing excellence on her four-track debut EP released back in 2004 (has it really been a whole decade that fast?). These songs are exactly what country music is all about—spirited, light-hearted and fun. The opening cut, "Photograph", is a picture perfect country tune. Totally crazy about "Crazy In Love", where Carmen reminds us that love does makes us do some crazy things. Thought she sounded so much like one of my favorite female country stars on this lively upbeat number: Shania Twain. Then it was just a rollicking, foot-tappin' good time on "I've Just Seen A Face". I love the melody and that superb violin/fiddle playing midway through the song. And if you really wanna get down into that country spirit, then you'll enjoy every second of the train station story Carmen tells on the perky piece "The One After 9:09". This one makes me feel like dancin'! Features a repeat performance of that superb violin/fiddle playing heard on the previous track. At the young age of 19, Carmen definitely had a very mature voice, and even though she didn't win on the second season of "American Idol", I'm sure she's managed to amass her own following of idols since then:

1. Photograph
2. Crazy In Love
3. I've Just Seen A Face
4. The One After 9:09

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