Thursday, July 10, 2014

CLEAR TOUCH-Clear Touch (1995)


There was the 'Midas touch' from Greek mythology that turned everything into gold, and then there was CLEAR TOUCH, the Freestyle trio turned everything they sang into gold! They and their 1995 self-titled album are another gem from my treasure trove of music goodies that I felt deserved some of the "Music Spectrum" spotlight, especially when there's an excellent remake of a golden oldie from the 80's attached to them. That oldie would be KOOL & THE GANG's "Cherish", this album's fifth track, and when it's put to a bombasitc Freestyle dance beat with three amazing Latin voices belting out those memorable lyrics—'cherish the love we have, we should cherish the life we live'—it's something to be cherished indeed! But there's other fine jams to be 'cherished' as well, beginning right at the top with the opener, "Fallen Angel", where you're introduced to the CLEAR TOUCH's marvelous vocal abilities when they sing together in unison in the main chorus. One member of this trio stands out whenever his high, lofty, voice soars into the stratosphere, making shining moments out of songs like "Keep On Searching" (like how this one starts off slow before the dance beat kicks in, then that jazzy instrumental segment coupled with the beat drop midway through), "Learning To Fly" (the soaring voice definitely being appropriate here) and one of my personal favorites, "Don't Want To Remember" (I just get wrapped all up in the melody and the trio's smooth, mellow vocals here). "Surrender Your Love": another hit that these CLEAR TOUCH guys give the Midas touch (and now I've got the MIDNIGHT STAR song from the 80's called "Midas Touch" playing around in my head), and you get some extra beats on both the extended 8+ minute 'Club Mix' and the special disco strobe-inspired 'Joey Altura Multi-Edit Bonus Mix' found at the end. In fact, following "Learning To Fly", much of the album is basically extra beats to bop and groove to, including "Clear Touch's Anthem" which, ironically, is the only track that doesn't have a Freestyle sound and having more of a hip-house flavor that was the popular trend back in the 90's:

1. Fallen Angel
2. Surrender Your Love
3. Keep On Searching
4. Don't Want To Remember
5. Cherish
6. Got To Have Your Love
7. Learning To Fly
8. Clear Touch's Anthem
9. Fallen Angel [Hot Or Not Mix]
10. Surrender Your Love [Club Mix]

*****BONUS TRACK*****

11. Surrender Your Love [Joey Altura Multi-Edit Bonus Mix]

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