Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FRIXION-Thankful (2013)


I'm about to ignite some sparks with this one! I've still been tying up quite a few loose ends dangling around in my music collection lately, and among the strings is the new U.K. boyband trio that calls itself FRIXION. Yep—you knew it was only a matter of mine before the boybands stormed back to "The Music Spectrum" again, and I'm doing my part to keep the craze alive and well! I had paused for a moment when thinking about how the chosen title to FRIXION's debut album—"Thankful"—is the exact same title picked for the debut album of "American Idol" inaugural season winner, Kelly Clarkson; both artists surely had a lot to be thankful for. And I'm thankful to have finally become acquainted with this trio and the awesome tunes they've rubbed off onto me and the rest of the pop music world! Setting off a dance explosion is the opening party jam, "Set This Place On Fire", which reiterates the current electro/techno trend that's become the signature sound in today's pop music genre. Well I was certainly electrified! After that, it's one of the coolest songs I've heard all year: "Under The Influence". 'You've got me over the limit', as part of the fun lyrics go, telling about how some girl's basically got them drunk on love, in so many words. And this 'one of the coolest songs heard all year' has one of the coolest beats, too. Yet the beat to this non-mixed, middle-tempo album version has got nothing on the amazing remix found at the end of the album with its high-octane trancey rhythm, those chilling, electronic tones and the added piano melody. Every guy has got a 'little red corvette'—a tribute to music legend Prince there—that he would like to drive, and for this FRIXION trio, their flaming wheels of choice is the Italian sports car, "Maserati". This glitzy club hit is an even hotter ride than "Set This Place On Fire"! I noted how the way they sing 'whoa-oh-oh' somewhere around the main chorus sounded similar to the way it's sung by fellow U.K. pop star Taio Cruz on his hit, "Make It Last Forever". So interesting how I should mention that, as I'd read in an article that FRIXION admitted to wanting to work alongside Taio in the future; they would be a perfect match. Looks like that 'Maserati' needs a bit of cleaning out when they downshift gears to "Contamination". Wanting to start over before the relationship got all dirty in the first place—that's the notion behind the album's fourth track. Hopefully, they were not 'under the influence' when whatever happened in the relationship happened. It's really nice hearing their voices here, and I dig the beat to this one, too (that tribal thumbing of the drums, in particular), not to mention that haunting ambient melody. They're still 'under the influence' a couple of tracks later on "Show Me The Way", because some girl this time has got them falling, spinning and basically going out of control. 'Like London Bridge, I'm falling down'—one of my favorite lines from the song. And there is still the lingering taint of 'contamination' on another cool song, "Rewind", as there are more feelings of regret and wishing everything could start over with a clean slate. The harmonic voices in the main chorus is not to be missed! Then speaking of harmony, you're treated to plenty of it on one of the album's finest moments: "Forever Yours". Performing a strictly acapella tune was an excellent idea, as it shows how good the guys sound without all of the added glitz and glamour of that synthesized techno. And now that I think about it, all of the album's slower cuts highlight those great vocals of theirs very well: "Show Me The Way", "Don't Go" (I always love these touching songs that come from the heart), "Case Of The Runaways"..... So now that I've sparked your interest in one of the hottest new boybands, you will put some fire of your own behind your determination to hear these FRIXION guys for yourself:

1. Set This Place On Fire
2. Under The Influence
3. Maserati
4. Contamination
5. Show Me The Way
6. London Girl
7. Case Of The Runaways
8. Rewind
9. Don't Go
10. Midnight
11. Falling In Love
12. Forever Yours
13. Afraid [feat. FDM]
14. Under The Influence [Remix]
15. Afraid [feat. FDM] [Remix]

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