Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jason Allan-Jason Allan (2000)


The Fourth Of July may have already passed, but I've still got some fireworks that I'd like to set off before the month officially draws to a close. One such goodie from my stash of dynamite is the self-titled EP by dynamic Canadian indie artist Jason Allan. He's not to be confused with country singer Jason Allen, who spells his last name with an 'E' instead of an 'A'; indeed, his music style is classified in the pop/r&b genre, which is the perfect breathing ground for his soulful voice that's oh so nice! One of the coolest songs I've heard this summer is the funky opener, "As If". 'As if I'd forgotten all about what you did', 'as if you could just walk right back into my life like nothing happened', 'as if I even still care about you': any of these three statements paints a perfect picture of how Jason feels about the girl he used to love in the song's colorful lyrics. Then making this already lively jam even more colorful is the 'Spoon Crew Remix' a few tracks later that gives it a very dancey, Euro-house boost (you know I was loving that!). After the opener is the gem of a tender offering, "I Caught You Crying". That would be the first moment where that smooth, soulful voice of his simmers and sizzles—especially with the melody and that light Spanish guitar that always makes a welcome addition to any tender love song. And the next moment? I should say moments with an 'S', because it's soooooooooooo nice hearing him singing on, ironically from it's title, "I Don't Want To Hear" (a touching tune about him encouraging and inspiring a girl to not give up on life and keep on moving forward), and "Frozen In Time", which talks about him wishing he could spend eternity with the girl he loves (the cool-as-ice melody and the slowed-down tempo capture that 'frozen' theme perfectly). Then there's a jam on this EP that I had LOTS of fun with: "The Painful Way (20 Doin' 90)". The lyrics to this groovy dance track are almost as humorous as they are thought-provoking, telling a story about a girl who's basically speeding through her life and doing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much, as the catch line from the main chorus that goes 'she's 20 doin' 90 in a 50 mile zone' points out clearly. My other favorite line is when Jason goes 'tearing through her friendships like a careless cyclone'. Seems she's just a whirlwind of disaster that's best avoided altogether. Only eight tracks long is this indie pop singer's EP, but the music is a great reminder of the old adage that good things really do come in small packages:

1. As If
2. I Caught You Crying
3. The Painful Way (20 Doin' 90)
4. I Don't Want To Hear
5. Frozen In Time
6. As If [Spoon Crew Remix]
7. I Caught You Crying [Perry Alexander Remix]
8. The Painful Way (20 Doin' 90) [Spoon Crew Remix]

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