Sunday, July 27, 2014

Judie Tzuke-Turning Stones (1989)


Well lookie here—turned over a stone and found another 80's gem! A good music investigator never leaves a stone unturned, and that persistence paid dividends in tracking down "Turning Stones", the seventh studio album by British pop/rock singer Judie Tzuke. Is her last name pronounced 'tuh-ZOO-kee'? Inquiring minds (mostly mine) wanna know. Judie Tuh-zoo-kee&mmdash;has a nice ring to it. I think I can say with utmost confidence that listeners are attracted to Judie's music because of her angelically lofty voice, one that sounds hauntingly similar to that of iconic EURYTHMICS vocalist Annie Lennox. And hauntingly terrific is the album's a second track, "Let Me Be The Pearl", which is my #1 Judie Tuh-zoo-kee—er, Tzuke— far, anyways, as I haven't gotten quite far in my listening of her just yet. It was on this song where I first conjured up the idea that she could do very well in the New Age/electronica genre right alongside the likes of Enya and Loreena McKennitt. If nothing else, this is the perfect track to add to your chill-out music playlist (I've already done that myself). 'Let me be the one to love you' is the theme of this jewel, and I promise after just one listen, you'll cherish this jewel for a very long time. Then my #2 favorite is haunting similar in melody and style to "Let Me Be The Pearl". That would be "Don't Go"—a simple song where Judie pleads with her lover not to leave her, yet having so much substance in terms of the songwriting and the song's overall production (I particularly liked the jazzy accompaniment midway through). And it's the way she sings 'don't go' over and over in the main chorus—keeps me hooked and sitting paralyzed with no choice but to listen intently. 'Hooked' is the word that I would also have to apply to the album's awesome opener, "We'll Go Dreaming". That lively 80's pop beat with that semi-intense rock edge does it to me every time. Then there are those slower songs that really display the British singer's true sophistication and elegance: "Dominique" (I get that warming Ibiza paradise kinda vibe on this beauty), "Sound Of My Sister's Tears" (another indication that Judie could flourish in the New Age genre) and the title track (the serenity felt here is so lovely). "Take It All" is a great tune that quite literally takes you by surprise. Just when you think it's gonna be another one of her slower tempo, chilled-out numbers, the catchy pop/rock beat storms in and grabs you by the horns! One of the album's more interesting moments is Track #9's "Modern Killers". Aside from the eye-catching title and its containing lyrics, there's this cool beat flowing in the background that I can only describe as the 'locomotive beat', as it resembles a train chugging along the train tracks (I think I've got Little Eva's "Loco-motion" swimming around in my head). So I'm thinking that maybe this locomotive was personifying the modern killers that Judie alludes to in the song? And that's not the only cool thing about this song; there's also the orchestral performance that unexpectedly swoops in for a few to add a classy touch. Haven't heard Judie Tzuke yet? Then turn over a new leaf by turning your attention to "Turning Stones":

1. We'll Go Dreaming
2. Let Me Be The Pearl
3. Dominique
4. Take It All
5. Sound Of My Sister's Tears
6. Run To Win
7. Don't Go
8. Everything Will Come
9. Modern Killers
10. Turning Stones
11. All They Can Do Is Talk


VanceMan said...

"Tzuke" is one syllable (like "Zook").

Mark said...

Hey Rich - I have her album - "The Cat Is Out" if you want to share it - let me know...