Sunday, July 20, 2014

Limahl-Never Ending Story (2006)


It's just a never-ending story of me presenting good tunes here at "The Music Spectrum", and the next chapter has me turning the page back in time to the 80's when I first became acquainted with Christopher Hamill, better known to the music world as Limahl. It was that memorable song from the memorable fantasy movie of the fantasy novel by the same title that I suddenly don't remember very well at all, now that it's been more than two decades since I've seen the movie and read the novel. But I've always liked the dreamy, I'm-in-some-other-place-far-beyond-the-stars feel of the 1984 original, thanks to Limahl's lofty vocals singing along with the breezy melody, and the refreshing 2006 re-recording on this special seventeen-track compilation sounds just like it did from my childhood, even though Limahl's vocals are noticeably different. When I got this compilation nearly a decade ago, it wasn't exactly "Never Ending Story" itself that prompted me to get it; I'd been attracted by the fact that I knew some of the songs would cater to my Eurodance/Eurodisco tastes. This being despite me never having gotten real far into being a fan of the British new wave act that Limahl has fronted over the years: KAJAGOOGOO (gotta love those quirky new wave band names!). Actually, "Too Shy", which continues to have this inexplicably enticing catch to it, is about as far as I'd gotten at the time. That one sounds good in its remade 2006 format; almost exactly like it, in fact, if it were still the good ole 80's. It wasn't until I prepared to get this compilation that my new KAJAGOOGOO/Limahl favorites started to rack up. The first two were the nicely jazzed-up "So Far So Good" and the final track, "Shouldn't Do That". Then my second time through the album, I piled on "Turn Your Back On Me" (I love the odd melody and how his voice flutters up at the singing of 'recover', 'another' 'daughter', 'torture' and 'water' in the verses), the lively "Too Much Trouble" and the pumpin' mega dance jams "Love Is Blind" and "Rhythm Of Love" (now that's what I'm talking about!). My second tour also saw me getting more acquainted with a bit of KAJAGOOGOO's weird new wave style, as showcased on tunes like "Ooh To Be Ah" (kinda took a minute for me to get into that one) and "The Lions Mouth". Not weird at all is the positive message he puts forth on the peppy pop tune "Only For The Love": 'when you give your heart, it should only be for love'. For lifetime fans of the British singer, there's one especially sweet treat found right at the very beginning that's also advertised on this compilation's front cover: "Tell Me Why". It truly is a hit, and I myself have treated it like its own never-ending story because, once I get into the energetic dance beat, it's pretty much all over from there. Forgot that the song was about a tumultuous relationship in need of mending after having enjoyed wedded bliss and how it came to be that way. So as the story goes on, keep your bookmarks on the opener and the others that I've highlighted, because you'll be flipping the pages back to them later:

1. Tell Me Why
2. Too Shy
3. Never Ending Story
4. Big Apple
5. Turn Your Back On Me
6. Too Much Trouble
7. Hang On Now
8. So Far So Good
9. Someone Else
10. Love Is Blind
11. Rhythm Of Love
12. Ooh To Be Ah
13. The Lions Mouth
14. Only For The Love
15. Maybe This Is The Time
16. Lost In Love
17. Shouldn't Do That

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