Monday, July 14, 2014

LIVIN' JOY-Don't Stop Movin' (1996)


Yeah, if you've been movin' to the grooves featured in my last few posts, you can't stop movin' just yet, because I've got some more groovy dance tunes for you to jam to! 90's dance lovers know good and well that Italy was THE major hot spot when it came to Eurodance music, and that country spawned the short-lived but joyful project LIVIN' JOY, fronted by the soulicious voice of dance diva Janice Robinson. I had gotten into LIVIN' JOY some years back—forgot how exactly; it's been a real long time—and had enjoyed a couple of songs from their 1996 album in particular so much that they had ended up on a self-made CD compilation for my personal library: "Dreamer" and "Whenever You're Lonely". The former is my #1 favorite, and it gets real good once the high-energy rhythm and the melody rev up after the extended beat drop of the intro. And aside from the dreamy melody, I just love how Janice's voice wails at the singing of the line 'I'm a dreamer' in the catchy main chorus, which begins to stick to you the more you keep listening. Definitely a summertime hit! The latter is your classic love song of somebody being there with you and for you through thick and thin, and put to a bombastic beat with Janice delivering the lyrics, it blows you away! I especially like when she reaches that high note for a couple of bars, a characteristic I noted again on the album's only true slow jam, "Let Me Love You", which had given me the notion that Janice could cross over genres and become a terrific r&b singer. But I like listening to her in this Eurodance format, and aside from my aforementioned favorites from years past, I get kicks out of pulsating club jams like the opening title track, plus "Follow The Rules" and "Where Can I Find Love?", whose cool beat in sync with that snazzy synthesized keyboard accompaniment has made me declare it as third favorite since I decided to give this album another full twirl:

1. Don't Stop Movin'
2. Follow The Rules
3. Deep In You
4. Dreamer
5. Pick Up The Phone
6. Be Original
7. Where Can I Find Love?
8. Don't Cha' Wanna?
9. Whenever You're Lonely
10. Let Me Love You
11. Don't Stop Movin' (A. Mannetta Mix)

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