Thursday, July 17, 2014

LOOK TWICE-Celebrate (1997)


Time to celebrate another ultimate dance experience! I only had to look once through the 'L' entries in my music collection to get reacquainted with the Swedish hip-house duo that calls itself LOOK TWICE. Feels like ages ago when I first got wind of them, thanks to their breakout hit "Move That Body" from their debut album, "Twice As Nice". But as I had the desire to check out some of their albums that I hadn't ever heard, "Celebrate" became my next choice. The 'celebration party' began a couple of days ago while I was in the midst of my usual dance frenzy; I only wish I had started celebrating much sooner! That's because these LOOK TWICE guys—rappers Patrik Vincent and Crazy G—made their tunes a lot of fun with their carefree personalities and their slick rhymes in sync with some of the coolest dance beats the business! The good times range from their samplings of Cheryl Lynn's "Got To Be Real" and SISTER SLEDGE's "He's The Greatest Dancer" on the mega-jams "Funk You Up" and "Joy", respectively (that pair makes up my personal favorites!), to the lively uptempo feel-gooders "Get Up" and Good Vibration" to the festively funky party jams "Do You Wanna Boogie?" (yeah, I do!) and "Hanging Out". Then completing that delicious recipe of of the seamless rap and the big-time beats is the talented background vocalists—mostly an assortment of ladies except on, ironically, "All The Ladies" (nice groovy old-school beat to this one, by the way) and "Who's In Town?", where its guys performing the background vocal duties instead. In between all of the dance thrills, the guys are still keeping you entertained with their comedic dialogue featured during the album's opening intro, closing outro and interlude midway through, highlighted by one of the rapper's slurring over his words while posing as a radio DJ as the other poses as a silly hot-headed Latino listener who eventually engages the DJ in a one-on-one showdown "Street Fighter" style right in the studio. I might not have to look twice, but I definitely feel the need to listen to this album twice because all of these jams—even the humorous commentary—are all worthy of the rewind button treatment:

1. Intro
2. Funk You Up
3. Me & My Bosy
4. Get Up
5. Good Vibration
6. All The Ladies
7. Interlude
8. Do You Wanna Boogie?
9. Joy
10. Who's In Town?
11. Again
12. Hanging Out
13. Outro

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