Saturday, July 26, 2014

LOOSE ENDS-Look How Long (1990)


Tying up a few 'loose ends' this more ways than one. Getting a little household work done in the offline word; getting more of the 'L' entries updated in my music library in the online world. And probably no ends have been looser than the ones left dangling by the British soul group LOOSE ENDS. That's because, for one thing, it's been like eons since I've last listened to them. And plus, I still don't believe I've ever heard their entire discography, which began back in the early 80's. Thought I'd pull out their final collection of recordings and share them here: 1990's "Look How Long". Yeah, it had been a real long time since I listened to the memorable hit that opens up the music: "Don't Be A Fool". Had to play it again for old time's sake, and instantly got that always-satisfying 'oh-yeah-I-remember-this-song' feeling the moment that breezy chill-out melody, smooth r&b groove and the cool, soulful voice of the female vocalist of the group, Linda Carriere. Really, I could keep this beautiful song on repeat playback and chill with it all day long! I dig the lyrics to this song, too: 'don't be a fool, don't throw your life away'. Feel the exact same way about the album's other super-chilled hit, "Love Controversy - Part I". Except there's a different female singer this time (forget her name) performing the lyrics with her beautifully angelic voice, which is my favorite part of the song, even as much as I love the ambient melody and that cool, therapeutic 'liquid water' sound effect that waves throughout the song. Although the fact is, the thing that attracts me to this album the most are the nice grooves, the simple lyrics and just the simple production altogether, and that attraction is made apparent on many other favorite tunes besides the couple I've already mentioned: "Love's Got Me", with its electronic, video game sound effects and the slight new jack swing rhythm; "Cheap Talk", with its catchy chorus where the lyrics 'talk goes round and round' is looped over and over; and the exclusive bonus twelfth track, "Let's Wax A Fatty", which is a great instrumental club jam that totally captures the spirit of the 90's house/Eurodance era. May have been a long time since I listened to LOOSE ENDS prior to today, but it surely didn't take me very long at all to fall in love with their music again:

1. Don't Be A Fool
2. Don't You Ever (Try To Change Me)
3. Love's Got Me
4. Try My Love
5. Time Is Ticking
6. Look How Long
7. Cheap Talk
8. I Don't Need To Love
9. Hold Tight
10. Love Controversy - Part I
11. Symptoms Of Love
12. Let's Wax A Fatty

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